The First Private Museum of Turkey

Istanbul is a city living intertwined with history. You can encounter with many historic buildings on its streets and avenues. One cannot have enough...


Ceza and Sagopa Kajmer

Ceza – What else do I have (feat. Sagopa K) Lyrics

This is a literal translation of the song from Turkish to English. You can read the lyrics of the song while the song is playing. So that you can read the lyrics of the song you are listening. In...
Donald Trump

An Open Letter To Donald Trump

You swashbuckler Trump man. No matter what you do, it does not matter whoever you are. You have the perfect troll army behind you, but except these trolls, nobody wants you there, or all over the world. Because your...


The World

Why Did the US Bomb Syria?

Do you really believe the US bombed Syria to save thousands of Syrian lives? Was the United States right to use the bombs? What...

Mehmed the Conqueror, the Man Who Changed the Destiny of Europe

The year 1444 was a long one. And many events, beyond to be realized in one year in the Ottoman Empire, were fit into...