The First Private Museum of Turkey

Istanbul is a city living intertwined with history. You can encounter with many historic buildings on its streets and avenues. One cannot have enough...


The effects of capitalism

The Effects of Capitalism: How Capitalism Exploits Us?

There's much to talk about. Let's have a look at how does capitalism it affect society. The tastiest fish is the cheapest one. Fish from the ice house are more expensive. Why are we against ice houses and freezers?...
Economic crisis

How We Can Get Out of Economic Crisis?

Knowledge is an ocean. You many not be able to reach its bottom and you may not reach its shore. In spite of this fact there are many oceans, but the ships are only using one way to navigate...


The World

Observations on the History of the Native Americans

It's the state of North Dakota, in the United States of America. The bikers who have gathered in Fort Yates on this July morning...

Interesting And Depressing Facts About Yemen

Yemen, although called Arabia Felix, "Lucky Arabia" by the Romans and Al-Yemen Al-Said, "Happy Yemen" by the Arabs, the most unlucky, maybe the harshest...