The First Private Museum of Turkey

Istanbul is a city living intertwined with history. You can encounter with many historic buildings on its streets and avenues. One cannot have enough...


Difference village and city life

The Surprising Differences Between Village Life And City Life

If you don't mind we would like to ask a few question. Why are all the hospitals located in the big cities? You think it's because people live in the big cities? The technology is there, all the modern...
The US tanks in Baghdad

That is the True History of the Islamic State of Iraq And Syria

Daesh, who call themselves ISIS/ISIL, are known as the world's most-feared terrorist organisation. But how did they come into existence? And how did they get so powerful? To help us understand we need to go back to the United...


The World

The Most Naturally Beautiful Place in the East of England: Norfolk

As everywhere is filled with canals in England no place is further than 70 miles from sea. Now let's take a look at some...

Hunting Iguanas in Pakistan: Iguana Suet Sellers

The traffic is Rawalpindi is very lively. There are interesting looking vehicles that can be spotted from miles away. Minibuses are decorated almost like...