The First Private Museum of Turkey

Istanbul is a city living intertwined with history. You can encounter with many historic buildings on its streets and avenues. One cannot have enough...


Donald Trump

An Open Letter To Donald Trump

You swashbuckler Trump man. No matter what you do, it does not matter whoever you are. You have the perfect troll army behind you, but except these trolls, nobody wants you there, or all over the world. Because your...
The effects of capitalism

The Effects of Capitalism: How Capitalism Exploits Us?

There's much to talk about. Let's have a look at how does capitalism it affect society. The tastiest fish is the cheapest one. Fish from the ice house are more expensive. Why are we against ice houses and freezers?...


The World

One of the Most Influential Civilizations of Europe: Andalusia

Guitar, dance, song. That is flamenco. Churches with its colossal statues and towers. Bullfight man's struggle with power aesthetically. The Mediterranean with blue water....

The Essential Things You Should Know About Greenwich

At ground zero, right at the center of the earth, in a land where future meets with past, west with east and people with...