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A Message of Solidarity To the American People


O American people, if you are one of those people, let us tell you a story and so let’s get started. One day, someone steals a chicken from an old villager. Villager calls his sons and says, “Find who stole my chicken and punish him. Or else horrible things will happen”. And his son finds the chicken unworthy of labor. After sometime, villager’s cow gets stolen. Villager’s son comes in panic only to hear his father say: “Forget about the one who stole the cow, find and punish the one who stole the chicken.”

The son doesn’t act on his father’s words again. This time, villager’s horse gets stolen. Son comes once more to his father. His father says, “Have you found the one who stole the chicken?” And the son laughs. After a while, the son comes crying to his father’s tent. He says “Father, they stole everything we had.” And the villager says: “I told you to find the man who stole the chicken. If we were to find and punish the thief that day, none of these would happen to us. Because when they understood that they could steal our chicken, we lost everything we had. So my son, you need to cut the snake’s head when you can.”

How, did you like the story? Why did we tell you this story? Because Donald Trump is a liar, a thief and a danger to the whole world. He stealing your life, your freedom, your country. In short, everything. And he does this looking right into your eyes. But in fact, no one steals from you! Therefore, you should absolutely not vote for Donald Trump in 2020. Never! If you will vote for him again, the world is going to end, will destroy the earth because of him. That’s why we told you that. Then cut the snake’s head when you can. In other words, you must nip it in the bud.

And yet despite this, are you ready to hear the truth? Well, take a look at what happened around the world, or just take a look at the Yemen Civil War. 49,960 wounded, 3,154,572 people displaced and 80,000 killed overall in Yemen. 50,000+ children died from starvation in 2017 and 2,556 people died due to a cholera outbreak. Innocent people are still dying. Children are still dying of hunger, thirst and disease, or because of wars. It is scandalous that people are still dying there every day. As a matter of fact, everyone has a right to life and freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Especially women, children and their families. But the politicians care nothing for Yemen. Unfortunately politicians don’t care and they only care about their jobs, money and position. They only care about themselves.

However, there is a man standing at the door with massive eyes and teeth. Have you seen? He’s a real vampire, bloodsucker. He’s certainly not intelligent, because he’s a diabolical! He isn’t delicate, he’s a hypocrite! What is the worst thing a vampire can do? What is the worst thing a bloodsucker can do? Whatever. Donald Trump has signed the largest ($110 billion) arms deal in history with Saudi Arabia despite warnings he could be accused of being complicit in war crimes. Donald Trump sells large quantities of weapons to Saudi Arabia and provide logistical support for its much-criticised bombing campaign in Yemen. And he proposes to go right on selling Saudi Arabia the weapons with which to continue the war that has created and is maintaining the crisis. And he’s still pushing Saudi Arabia to buy more US weapons.

Actually, a whole bunch of interesting things happened. Some things in life are uncertain.

1- In the wake of North Korea’s sixth nuclear weapons test, Donald Trump pledged to increase weapon sales to Japan and South Korea. A few weeks later, Japan & South Korea has agreed to buy US weapons worth billions of dollars to guard against threats from nuclear-armed North Korea.

However, in a few months, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet at historic summit in Singapore. Now we are asking you, is it a coincidence? As you can see, Donald Trump will not make United States great again, but he made himself richest.

2- In the wake of Iran’s nuclear weapons test and Yemen Civil War, Trump pledged to increase weapon sales to Saudi Arabia & Qatar. A few weeks later, Saudi Arabia & Qatar has agreed to buy US weapons worth billions of dollars to guard against them.

And as a result, hundred of people died. And nothing changed in terms of strategy. the final result is very similar: he made himself richest again. Also, according to Trump, that was not a problem. Because hundreds of people -especially Muslims- have already died in the Yemen in particular.

3- Donald Trump said: “A gun free school is a magnet for bad people. ATTACKS WOULD END!”

Unfortunately, as you can see Donald Trump are using the same strategy about selling weapons. As a result of this, Donald Trump is not the 45th President of the U.S. Or wait, he is president of the U.S. by “title” and “law”. But at least he is not president of all Americans from our point of view.

Nevertheless, why is there always war in the Middle East? Because the Middle East is always an open and large market. An arms dealer first go to the terrorists and opponent powers of a country and sell weapons niggardly. Then guns start to burst and so does the party. So this time he go to the country who tries to repress them and or to the Counter Powers. He sell them weapons once again but this time they pay him over the odds. Then those guns start to burst as well and the real war begins.

So this time he go to the neighboring countries who are afraid about the war leaping to their countries. He bargain with them and say that “Others have missiles and why wouldn’t you have too?” He sell more weapons in return for a lot more prices and the war begins. They fall short of weapons. So more weapons are needed. That’s where he step in once again. As a result of this, everyone will die and there be only arms dealers in the world eventually. Can you guess why? Because they are the only winners of the wars.

Overall, what has happened over the past 2-3 years after Trump win? Nearly one year after; Fundamentalism, hate crimes, Anti-Islam, Anti-Muslim and Anti-Semitism are on the rise across all of Europe, or all across the US, or all over the world. And you can no longer run away from this. If you have a fact-based worldview of today, then you might have a chance to understand what is coming next in the future. For a good quality of life, your future, your children’s future, your country, and more and more. In order to build your future, you have to know everything and make your moves according to the facts.

We have to even if you don’t like it. We’re doing everything to prevent all of us regret it later. Because it doesn’t work with Donald Trump and Republican Party. Do you know how many people who voted for Donald Trump now regret doing so? You can’t even imagine that! Wait, maybe you’re one of them, is that so? If you are one of them, or not. It does not matter. Because that is the past. Now you need to move on, and we would ask you to take a look at this next time so as to a decisive victory. It means, there is no reason to throw a vote. If you won’t support him, you will never regret it. Also, you can find more information on the contents of the Republican Party here, about who they are.

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Now we all know that the American people have really good manners. Then show him what you can do! Anyways, let us tell you another story, maybe it interests you.

Once upon a time, there were four candle sticks. They were lighting slowly. First candle said: “I am the peace. Nobody wants me to light up nowadays.” Then, candle of peace got over burning out slowly. Second candle said: “I am the faith. I got forgotten nowadays.” Then, candle of faith got over burning out slowly. Third candle said: “I am the love. But I got no power nowadays. People left me in a void corner. I have no value in their eyes. People forgot me and forgot to love.”

Then, candle of love got over burning out slowly. Then, a kid went in the room. The kid saw that three of candles are burned out. The kid asked crying: “Why were these candles burned out? Weren’t they supposed to light up forever?” Then, the kid heard a weak voice. Fourth candle was speaking: “Don’t be afraid, I am still lighting up because I am the hope. You can light my friends up with me.” The kid was very happy lighting up other candles with hope candle. There would be no peace, faith or love without hope.

As a result, the conscience of the universe lies in history. So you don’t forget where you came from. Yeah, we know it was hard enough to convince you but obviously you can look at more:

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