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A Short Story For People Who Make Fast Decisions


Maybe it was a bad experience you’ve been through but sure it also made you a lot stronger. That’s why there is nothing to worry about. Perhaps you know people sometimes talk without thinking and it doesn’t mean that they always tell the truth. Everyone must think long and hard about goings-on but never should beat his brain about things to happen. Therefore we hope your happiness last forever. Anyway.

Once upon a time a there was an old man in a village. The man was so poor and he had a proverbial white horse. It was such beautiful that even the king was jealous of it. The king offered treasures the man for the horse but the man didn’t agree to sell it. One day they woke up and the saw that the horse wasn’t there. The villagers gathered around the poor man. They said “You poor old man, it was obvious that they wouldn’t let you keep the horse and they would steal it. If you sold it to the king, you would be rich for the rest of your life. Now you don’t have the horse and you don’t have the money.”

The old man said “Don’t rush to make any decision. Just say that the horse is missing because that’s the fact now. However beyond that, would be only your own judgments and decisions. We don’t know yet if this is a bad luck or good luck. Because this what happened is just the beginning of something no one knows what’s coming next”. The villagers laughed to the old man. But even before two weeks time from the incident the horse all of a sudden.

To his surprise, the horse wasn’t stolen and just ran away to the woods. And the other 12 wild horse from the valley were tagged along with it on the way back. The villagers said “The old man was right. It was a good thing when the horse gone missing”, and they all apologized and they said “Poor man, you were right, when your horse gone missing it was not a bad luck for you on the contrary, you received a stroke of luck with the incident. Now you have big drove.”

The old man said “You’re in a rush to make a decision once again. Just say that the horse came back, that’s the fact we know. We don’t know what’s coming next.” This time the villagers didn’t mock the old man out loud but they thought what a senile man. Not before a week than that, the son of the old man who was trying to train the horses, fell of the horse and broke his leg. The villagers said “Oh, the old man was right again”. They came and said to the old man, “Your only son won’t be able to use his leg for a long time. But there is no one else to take care of you. Now you will be poorer and weaker than ever”.

The old man answered “You have illness of early judgments. Don’t rush, my son just broke his leg. That’s the fact. The other one is the decision you made but I doubt if that’s the truth?” A few weeks later, the enemy attacked with a lot bigger army. The king called everyone who could fight with a last hope. The officials who came to the village took every young men but the son of the old man with a broken leg. Everyone was mourning in the village. Because there was no possibility to win that war. Everyone knew the young boys went to the war would either die or would be taken captured and to be sold as slaves.

The villager said to the old man, “You were right again, your son’s leg is broken but at least he’s with you. But our sons maybe never will be able to come to the village. You son’s broken leg was a luck.” And the old man said “You keep rush into decisions. The only fact we know is that my son is with me. Yours joined the army. But what which one is misfortune and which one is good luck time will show that to us…”

But was the old man wrong? Heh, life is full of such stories like this. The concern for tomorrow, keeps minds busy and unhappy. And early judgments without knowing the end lead people to the wrong ones.



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