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After Every Night, the Morning Will Come Eventually


Throw away your sorrow to the sea. If the sea washes ashore, it will clean what you threw and give it to you like that. If it swallows it up, then it means it wasn’t meant for you. What is meant to be? Of course it is what you always have. If something’s meant for you nothing can get it away from you but if it’s not, nothing can give it to you. How can we know if something is meant to be or not? Well, that’s the thing. Your portion is a pearl in the oyster hidden in the sea. The sea will settle the shell will be opened and you will take the pearl in the oyster. These are all your portions. But patience comes first. So, how will we be patient? Do you know the patience of the oyster who loves the pearl?

The shell waits for years in the bottom of the sea and one day the black sand gets inside of it. It locks the sand in. It doesn’t let it go. It stands against the depth and cruel waves of the sea. When it’s time, the black sand turns into a white pearl. The oyster gets in return for its patience. If you are the lover of the pearl, you will be patience. Perhaps it’s too hard but it is not if it’s meant to be. Perhaps you don’t know what to do. Perhaps it’s a trouble if you tell what you’re feeling, it’s another trouble if you won’t tell what you’re feeling. Perhaps you’re tired or perhaps you’re sick of waiting, so many things.

Don’t worry, there is nothing to worry. Be patient as we said. But patience won’t work itself. Persevere at the same time. Be determined and don’t forget, after every day, the morning will come eventually but after every night, the morning will come eventually. After every spring, the winter will come eventually, but after every winter, the spring will come eventually. Just listen to yourself for a while. You’ll make your decision then.

There was one man traveling from place to place, but it was very cold places. He was going, the dark started and the snow started. He end up in one village and in that village he knocked the door of people. Every door he knocked they said “Sorry, we can’t take you. We don’t have any place for you. We cannot take you at home”. He said “I will die from freezing”. They said “We don’t care”. Every door was shut for him. He end up with one door and he said “Look, I cannot take you to my house. But there is a house there, it’s empty house. Maybe if you can stay there, nobody will tell you anything”. But he said “This house Everybody staying there, in the morning we are taking his body out. He’s dead man.”

The man he think “if I stay in the cold, I will die. Anyhow I will die. So let me die in the house”. So he entered the house. He tried to sleep but some doing knock from the wall: “What’s going on?” And one big noise saying “Do you want me to come?” He calmed down and then he tried to sleep again. Then again “Do you want me to come?” He was so trembling. At the end, he decided to say. The noise was coming more and more and more, and cannot be stand.

He find some wood in there and say. He take it and he was ready for saying “If you want to come, come”, and the wall breaking. The wall breaking, it was treasure behind the wall. The secret of this treasure “if you want to come, come like sesame, open!”. All the gold and treasure was going, going, going. He said “Ah”. He became rich in one night. The second day everybody coming from the village and saying somebody was in this house. “Let’s come and take his body.” They see him sitting outside and they say “What happened?” the man say, “Nothing. I want to buy this house.”

As you can see if you have something need to be come to you, it will come. This is also as a knowledge, it is coming, the knowledge is coming. But try to get the good one of it, try to be the good one, try to be the help and try to to be in good position.


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