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Always Walk in the Way of the Lions And Become a Lion


The people, they are not the same as if coming out from a car factory. Just as everyone has a different finger print, every person is also different. You can’t find two the same among billions of men. Sometimes when you look at people, you see them with the attribute of an animal; see them like this animal in front of them. That’s the thing. Lions are so majestic and they get more majestic as they grow older. So they are not like common people.

Among men are those who have the qualities of the lion, but there are also those who have qualities of a jackal. A lion keeps company with other lions. That’s why if you call a man “animal” het gets angry but if you call him “lion”, he doesn’t get angry. Because nobody wishes to the keep the company of jackals. Therefore while you could be a lion, why will you chose to be a jackal? Then let’s become a lion, at least let us be as lions!

Once upon a time, the lion king was sitting with his entourage. In his entourage there are animals, insects and there was a wolf and fox who wandered in to get some benefit. The lion said “Let’s get up and hunt to eat something”. So they hunted. The lion caught a wild ox. The wolf caught a deer. And the fox caught a rabbit. They put all of it in the middle. The lion said “How should we do this now? We will divide this. How should we do this?” The wolf thought of himself as the vizier of the lion. He said “It is easy. This ox is suitable for your mighty personality. Enjoy it. And this deer is enough for me and rabbit is also enough for the fox”.

Of course there the fox did left good manners. He though he divided well. When he said like this the lion, with one swipe of his paw cut the wolf’s head into two. His dead body fell there. “Fox, you divide now”. The fox, -of course he is open-eyed and clever- said “O master, you eat the ox in the morning and digest it from the morning till noon. At noon you eat the deer, it is smaller so will be enough for you till evening. And at night you eat the rabbit, it won’t be heavy for you. Enjoy your meal.” The lion said “Bravo, from where did you learn this good manners, good character?” and the fox said “I learned from this incident”.

So it is like this. However the attribute of lion is he hunts and catches. He eats a little from it, the remaining his family comes and eats. They don’t finish it also and after them come jackals, wolves. They can’t finish also and after them come crows, vultures and they eat also. Finally even if only bones remain, the hyenas eat the bones and finish it. So lions they eat only one animal, they are not greedy. And also they are generous ones, not stingy. But the others’ attribute, wolf and when a wolf attacks a herd if there are 300 animals, if you allow it, strangles and kills all 300 of them. It destroys the herd, eats a little piece from one of it and leaves.

The fox, if it attacks chickens doesn’t even leave one alive. It strangles and kills all, and it also eats one and leaves. Their attribute is a bad attribute, attribute of greed. Therefore this shows that the lion has the attribute of disciplines and teaches. The attributes of others, it is not to satisfy their hunger but whatever they can catch because of their greed they think that they will eat it and kills all 300. Whereas when the lion catches. And he catches the weak one, the one which is of no use and that herd gets stronger. This is the attribute of good manners.


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