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An Open Letter To Donald Trump


You swashbuckler Trump man. No matter what you do, it does not matter whoever you are. You have the perfect troll army behind you, but except these trolls, nobody wants you there, or all over the world. Because your concern is to bring chaos to the world. For example, let the great trouble arises as soon as possible so the messiah come to earth. According to you, it’s not possible to delay the ultimate end, and you think this truth is no different in the holy books as well. It means you are just trying for your saviour to honour your as early as possible.

But what you are saying or doing is a claim for being God. Isn’t that so? In fact, you obviously don’t need a messiah anymore. Let’s say the messiah is here, according to you, even he can’t do anything without your permission. Or else you won’t accept he’s the messiah. Meanwhile, we don’t think Jesus Christ loves you. On the other hand, this is the result of decisions taken by evangelist council and you are part of it. You, y’all are classical and typical evangelists. In other words, the enemies of the all humanity.

Because according to evangelists and evangelism, blood and wine are mixed together in the holy grail. It doesn’t matter whichever you are. Therefore they took an oath for the Armageddon Day. They wage the wars with deep analysis long term plans and by using native actors at the battlefront. Like you Donald Trump and George W. Bush. But Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, China and Russia, they are the spoilsport here. These countries are always on the point where the equations conflicts in the Middle East geography, or Asia, or Africa. And current evangelist politicians can’t cope with the situation, like a baby crying.

What is evangelism? What is the main goal of evangelism? They think the homeland people are loyal to with passion used to belong to them before it was middle eastern people. But that is their problem. They are trapped in the past and they think the past will return. And Istanbul will be the centre of the world their kingdom will rule. Jerusalem is not enough for them either. Because according to them, Istanbul will be the new Jerusalem. They have their relics there and some day their holy sword will be returned to its owner there. Who is the owner of the sword? Of course Jesus Christ, so the Messiah. But that is such a nonsense! Isn’t that so?

Whatever, now we can get to the point again. You Donald Trump, therefore when you retire in 3 to 5 years, just sit down and contemplate a little, “What did I do?”. If you have a worry, just think about that you did. Let us tell you what you did. You make people uncomfortable and a danger to themselves. You make people racist, fascist and mad. Today, fascist and racists are on the rise all over the world. As a result, you busted up everything and that is what you did.

Because you are just acting the role that was given to you. Well then who convinced you to that view? It seems that someone is convincing you. You studied math in school. Did they convince you to it? The teacher explained it and you accepted it. You might be the president of the United States but that does not mean we have to hide the truth. Truth with truth, and false with false.

Then you wanted to be convinced. If you want to be convinced, you will be convinced. To be president, of course you had to be convinced. To get to that position, to be the hero of the United States, obviously you had to be convinced. You made himself believe that. You’ll believe as you live if you don’t live by what you believed.

Ok well we can only convince you if you want to be convinced. If you don’t want to be convinced how can we convince you? Then sit down and read a book. You spend your youth with golf, baseball and earns money. The remaining you spent by reading and memorizing the books on evangelism. The rest of your life is spent by running from an election to another election, from a campaign to another campaign.

You have never done an intellectual work in your entire life. You have never in your life received any lecture, didn’t improve in knowledge, didn’t professionalize in a field. Can you tell us in which field you are a professional? In which field you are a professional? Just tell us one field, in which field is your profession? You are not a professional in any field. But you’re acting like a Mafia and a gangster. And you are talking like a dictator, are you aware? Are you a president or mafia? Why are you acting like this? Just say “I am a president of the United States”. That’s it! What right do you have to manipulate the people?

We really want to know why you signed an executive order to keep migrants at the Mexican border? Why are you applying for the trade embargoes? Why you threatened Harley-Davidson? Why you threatened other countries? As we asked, are you a president or mafia? Well, as a matter of fact, you are fake president and fake Christian. You are liar and thief. It’s like giving the atmosphere of someone who is against injustice and oppression. We are disgusted of these fake heroisms. We are feeling nauseous. We feel nauseous because of these fake heroic acts anymore.

This is the reality, whether you accept it or not. But we really do wonder, don’t you think it’s a bit exaggerated for you to talk so confident of yourself? In fact, the actual exaggerated thing is you standing right in front us and telling us what to do. Everyone keeps taking paper and pencil and analyzing equations. This is the homeland of these people. If you have any intention to bargain on these lands, don’t even bother. However, only thing you will watch is the burst of your dreams one by one. And you’ll not cope with the growing competition in the world economy.


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