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Bear Has 40 Plans in His Head And 40 of Them are About the Honey


Don’t you think that people would be a lot more happier and peaceful if enemies became friends with each other? Your enemy always makes a plan for you. When you’re weak or strong, that effects his plans. If you pity on the wolf, you’ll only increase his appetite. That means bear has forty plans in his head and forty of them are about the honey. That’s what we mean in the title of the post. Sure this is exactly it. You better stay clever and cautious so their plans for you won’t work at all. Let us make this clear for you with an example.

There is a coop and there are many young and tiny cocks in the coop and there is also an old and big cock in it. A fox keeps wandering around the coop. The old cock closes the door of the coop to prevent the fox to get in and he doesn’t let chickens to get out. When the fox can’t get in, he makes a small hall on the wires of the coop and he calls out to one of those tiny cocks and he gives him some corns. So the cock that eats the corn, keeps taking some corns from the fox everyday. After some time, the fox gives him a lot more corns than he can eat by himself, so the tiny cock shares the corn with other cocks in the coop.

The old cock starts losing his chickens and the tiny and bulky cock starts to have more chicken around him. As a result of this, the old cock’s get weaker in the coop. Then the fox puts the corns in front of the coop’s door. The cocks start to fight for he corns. They can’t decide whether they should open the door or not. Finally, they open the door and they quickly take the corns and goes back. They keep doing this everyday, nothing happens.

So they stop being afraid anymore to get the corns from the fox. Then one night the fox puts the corns in front of the door again and starts to wait for the cocks and chickens. They go out one by one to eat the corns. After a while, the fox starts to put the corns in the door of his own cave. The chickens goes into the cave by eating all the corns. So the fox closes the door when they all get in. This is how great powers rule weaker countries.

This site is full of articles that are waiting for you to read them. You can always come here and use this library. Perhaps you keep being more and more willing about this. You want to do it all but you can’t really decide what you want to be exactly. What should you do? Well, if a field contains 60 meters deep water, you just dig 60 meters in somewhere on the field and you’ll find the water there. But if you dig 60 places on the field what you get will be nothing that means spinning your wheels. Just decide and do only one thing. And do what you love…


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