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Ceza – What else do I have (feat. Sagopa K) Lyrics


This is a literal translation of the song from Turkish to English. You can read the lyrics of the song while the song is playing. So that you can read the lyrics of the song you are listening. In other words, when you listen to this song, look at the lyrics, that’s all. All right, here’s the song and let’s listen.

We have a large garden!
One side is such as heaven, another is hell
At the first you can see rainbow, otherwise it’s dark.
We are the ones, who stuck on the line, who failed on exam!
We are too far, here is somewhere close to suffered people.
All the victories, which gained on the field are too bloody but,
You mankind, if you’d not be foolish, all the victories would be gained by friendships!
Everyday! Sunrise to sunset, every night to daylight,
A kind of crime is being committed!
Everywhere we have gardens.
“Please, help! This is painful.” he used to pray a million times a day.
But, no benefits!
Hurtful but, no cure!
This is a curse, it didn’t used to be before!
Keep it all!
On my realm, Sagopa & Ceza is a shackle for the rap!

Sagopa Kajmer:
I am commended to this body, with my muse, my weary hands and an my incapable opinion!
History has given me authority, and I turned into “action and reaction”.
I was a purple flower, within the borders of my own.
And I reproduced, I spread all around the field.
I was a calendar, which a convict counts remaining days to be free!
I had been the hopeful digits on the wall.
I am here, where I want to be!
Give me a few seconds please
I think, I’m tongue tied.

Sagopa Kajmer, Hook X2:
I assumed it, for a cup of my coffee’s sake
My love is a drunk that soars and swoops
The armies of conspiracy guardians
What else do I have but Rap.

Water flows to these gardens,
Even the non flowing water on the desert get rid of the hellhounds.
There are fountains everywhere!
Please try to be a human being!
Only what we want is PEACE!
Don’t care if you are not royal?
Don’t give a f*ck if you are not richy rich?
Despite all the bad things, PLEASE SMILE!
At least once a year, a rose will green on this desert!
It absolutely must!
This war has an end, sooner or later.
Then we will disappear on middle of the borders,
That’s when, we will leave our rap and lyrics behind and go!
This is more than enough!

Sagopa Kajmer:
Hey, the causeless meaning of rap!
Keep walking through my veins.
Blood collected into my temples!
I am not a full stop for just a sentence!
My name and poems will sink into the grave together!
Slap trails of history are so clear on my lines.
-Tell me that!
A black pen on my hand, my black eyes are looking around
I’m looking for my guest.
I’m a loser!
My dear God, I am ashamed to face my youth.
A toy gun had the control of my hand and I got used to it.
I am living today, I am unbeknown tomorrow!
Do I live with a thousand bans and thousand penalties for eternity?
I wish to be a drop of honey, and drip!
On earth, there exists my heart, hatred and thousands of penalties.

Sagopa Kajmer, Hook X2:
I assumed it, for a cup of my coffee’s sake
My love is a drunk that soars and swoops
The armies of conspiracy guardians
What else do I have but Rap

Neyim var ki means What else I have?
Ceza is a Turkish rapper and songwriter.
Sagopa K (Sagopa Kajmer) is a Turkish rapper and songwriter.
Furthermore, this song was made in 2004 and it is very popular all over Turkey, Balkans and Levant. Indeed, as you are probably aware, in a sense these lyrics are about political fallout. In other words, the answer is simpler and traditional. It is politics.


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