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Don’t do Anything After the Words of Anyone


They keep infecting this hatred culture to everyone. Defame someone, attack and destroy. It’s so easy now. What happened is obvious. In today’s world, there is only one target with the news. To put realities out of action. A simple example media and journalism is also an art of making people believe things that even you don’t believe, among all other things. Otherwise today’s world is a complex place. Everyone has a smart phone in his pocket and we all forgot using our brains nowadays.

That’s not mean we should not use smart phones. Of course use them but first use your brains. There is a great amount of involution all around. We are under an information rain anytime from anywhere. Therefore we have to be smart. If we act without giving a first thought, we will just be destroyed. We have to be smarter than our phones. So, will it be enough if we are smarter? Of course no, but it will spoil the game. Then let us tell you a story.

Once upon a time, a lady talks to her butler in the mansion. The lady says that she loves her husband yet the husband doesn’t respond her in the same way. The butler says that he know an enchanter who may help her with this problem. But the lady has to cut a bit of her husband’s beard for the spell. If she can do that, her husband will fall in love with his wife and he will do whatever the lady says. The lady accepts the butler’s offer. The butler says to the husband that his wife will cut his throat at that night while sleeping. The man doesn’t believe that and says that his wife loves him so much. But the butler insists and tells him not to sleep through the night.

At that night, the husband prevents to be sleeping and his wife bends to him with a razor to cut his beard. Just at that moment, the husband holds his wife from her arm and cuts her throat without questioning what she is doing. The butler goes to the lady’s brothers and tells them that their brother in law has killed their sister. So when they see their sister dead body, they also kill their brother in law without questioning. Meanwhile, the butler goes to the brothers of the husband and tells them that their brother is dead. So at the end they all kill each other. Without questioning. Both families are gone like that. So the butler has both families’ wealthy…

Now you probably noticed, any of them did not think to ask what was going on. Never. Because everything is set up so perfectly that, you just play your part in the script. And the one who set everybody against another, just wins everything and leaves like in this story. So what mean by using our brains? That means whatever you hear, just go to the source of it, always question and find out the fact. That’s why don’t do anything after the words of anyone, and don’t forget, they tempting the young people to divide this world. Therefore there is one more important thing we want from you. And that is, you should be the hope and source of inspiration to the new generation. As a result of that, we are pleased to share with you the first post about political.


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