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Energy And Natural Resources of Africa


In the world war II not the states but the companies have fought. For example, the Ottoman Empire was the last big state that the companies have fallen and the reason of that was the petrol becoming a part of the industry. Because the seventy percent of the petrol sources in the world were on the Ottoman lands. Once the Ottoman Empire has fallen the absolute amount of the petrol was distributed to American and English companies not to any other states. For the last century the world has been ruled by the the companies and these companies do not want any powerful states against them. In today’s world, External powers care a lot about these companies.

But, do not the states rule the countries in the modern world? That’s the thing. Of course the dynasties rule the companies and they rule the states. Now, just let’s look the new generation energy sources and underground sources. During the research, we did many researches about this. We’ve become more and more willing as we learnt many things from professional scientists. It’s a fact that there are still wars for oil in the world. Therefore we agree with scientists on this and we think that it’s just a part of some other plan. The old type of energy has come to an end. While the biggest companies are investing in the new generation of energy, external powers can not stay out of this circle.

Africa and the Middle East are also very important for the new generation of energy. Actually the whole continent of Africa. However, there are so much problems. Now we will ask you a few questions. That’ll be very interesting. Anyway. For instance, where will you be working on? Let’s imagine then. According to you, of course on Africa or the Middle East first. Is something wrong? Yes. Because that would not be better if you limit your works in Africa considering it’s a demanding area you’re talking about. You don’t want to upset your foreign partners after all. Who are your foreign partners? Let’s say Americans.

For instance, Washington is 13000 kms from the Middle East. It’s 4500 from London, 3500 from Moscow. They will have right on everything in here from the other side of the world and you will ask for their permission to work with countries on your borders, is that right? Unfortunately, yes. Now you have to understand who they are.

Actually there is something else we want to talk today. We all know about the crisis that big automotive companies have been through lately, and we don’t think they are caused by technical failures but we think they are parts of a certain plan. Some of those companies have been on the verge of crash. What kind of a plan are we talking about? Of course we were talking about turning the crisis into an opportunity and investing in future in automotive industry. Electric cars, technical equipments to supply energy and building stations for using that energy. It’s a huge investment area starting with Europe and continues with the rest of the world.

We know many important producers have been investing in this area, and we think everything will accelerate all at once. Most of the cars in the traffic will be electric ones in 2020. We should invest considering that. If you’ve had the chance, which field do you want to take part? You may be thinking that it’s too early for you. Don’t worry. You can start whenever you think you’re ready. Working will make you feel better, whatever you like. We will discuss this matter at a future time in business section.


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