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Essential Facts You Should Know the British Empire, Colonialism And Dynasties


You’ve probably seen many versions of the world map. Each of these maps put the government they represent to the center of the world. We on the other hand, have been trying to put the peace and the justice to the center of the world for centuries. And even the geographies, regimes and leaders have always changed regularly. We have been against one main power for the last four centuries: Dynasties. They have been controlling the international economy the whole levels of media and academicians even today and they covered themselves after claiming that their dynasties has come to an end.

But in fact, only the dynasties of the governments that lost the World War I. came to an end. The winner country’s dynasties carried on. Today these powers that have been ruling the world secretly and manipulating it. Their colonist policy started with destroying dynasties before them and continued ever since.

Vasco de Gama, the big explorer Europe has been telling proudly. Gama’s father was a Knight templar and he began his journey to East as an explorer with the order of Temple. Just like Cristopher Columbus, who went to West with the order of Pope. The world history has been hiding some horrible facts under the shadows of these two names. This colonist order has continued with the expedition of British to the West. India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Cyprus, North America, Antarctica, then Africa and the finally Egypt has started to act under the auspices of British Colony Department.

Unfortunately with massacres, genocides and vandalism. A few states that have the 9% of the world, is now in a position that they are ruling the 82% of the world. And the colony frontiers has now turned up at the last door of Ottoman. Dynasties has made the most sneaky plan ever. They tried to enthrone The Muhammad Ali dynasty instead of the Ottoman dynasty. That first trial was a failure even though it damaged Ottoman at some level. The second move was to dethrone Abdul Hamid II (the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire) and they succeeded.

We achieve any certain informations about the plans of dynasties? Yes, sure. Then let’s take a look. We will be talking about their plans that was completed successfully in detail. The plan that has been ensanguining this geography for over a century is still in force. And dynasties will sit on the table again. Because history repeats itself. But don’t forget to have information about them is definitely not enough to fight against them. Dynasties had always tried destroy Ottoman Empire that had the one and only geography they wasn’t able to exploit. As they thought that was only possible with having the military officers in the army, they created a new kind of hierarchy.

They created new boxes and they designed military officers according to their loyalties after they became members. So that means a lieutenant who had a higher degree in the box was able order to a colonel who had a lower degree. This secret structure in the Ottoman army had been activated with the assignment of taking over the government. So with these boxes they could easily dethrone Sultan Abdul Hamid II and have oil terrains for dynasty companies. Sultan Abdul Hamid II must have been informed about such organization. He took some precautions as much as he could and he made some unique moves for his time.

However, no government fight against a power that exploits the whole means in the world and take them for its own lands. So that’s why it was necessary to spread the will to different centers. He planned to hold the center meaning Istanbul as strong as possible and let other Turks in Rumelia, Arabians and Armenians to found their own free states. Defending every region of the Empire from only one center might have caused us to lose the center as well. That’s why, statesmen and commanders were sent to distant lands to establish their own states. If the war against the colonists be won these states will become together again.

Two different dynasties that dominates the system Amon and Ra. And other big dynasties ruling the world with them. Also many out runners that implement the decision made for the region. Their connections, some key companies, people and foundations. Secret agreements, secret meetings and connections. Powers that seem like they’ve been fighting against each other yet are in an league with, change of plans and strategies. Family relationships, blood ties and betrayals. We found out even more and we chained them all as you can see. However it was not possible for poor people to fight against these dynasties without someone who was supposed to blend them all and clear up.

We hope, people don’t want to wait for anything anymore and they need to see everything that may bring light each title from the past to this moment. Africa is the promised land for the dynasties in the same way Mesopotamia is the promised land for Israel. There are oil and the richest gold, diamond, rubber mines there. That’s why they always prevent any others to get in there except for them. Well, how do they do that? Of course with regular civil wars, they keep creating new dictators to make people fight against each other.

It’s not a coincidence that the epidemics are always there. They send health teams to the same countries for the impression that they’ve been helping while causing these diseases. First they take the genetic codes of those people under the name of help. Then they produce new viruses that might become threats to those people and they keep creating new diseases in the labs. In this way, they both prevent the investments in Africa and they prepare new markets for the medicine industry. First they spread the poison and then they sell the antidote.

But today, people in there, people who are local have recently noticed this anymore. So they began to react against them. For instance, a health care team that recently went to the area for help were beaten on the grounds that they were trying spread a virus to the region. But at least, even though those people have their own reasons still this is the wrong reaction. Some other moves must be made there to ruin the plans of the colonists.

People must make each other realize this as soon as possible. Every association there has been waiting for people to realize. People should know everything that’s been going on underground and overground in Africa to make their move. There are maps that show every underground treasure in Africa hided by colonist dynasties. And everyone should learn and find out which dynasty companies have been exploiting those rich mineral stratums most people even don’t know about.


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