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We’re talking about the history of mankind, certain historical events, animals or technology here. We think educated and civilized people often enjoy talking about these things.

Sadberk Hanım Museum

The First Private Museum of Turkey

Istanbul is a city living intertwined with history. You can encounter with many historic buildings on its streets and avenues. One cannot have enough...
Welcome the holy month of Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan

There is a saying in a Muslim country: "Welcome, o the city of Ramadan". Patience, tolerance, purification, peace of mind, intent, yearning, the flesh,...
Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul

The Cities of Istanbul Before 1453

One of the most beautiful cities created, Istanbul. For eight thousand years there has been life on its land. Love, romance, peace, birth. Hatred,...
The Bosphorus Bridge

How the Bosphorus Bridge Was Built?

The Bosphorus Bridge, a suspension bridge connecting the two continents; Europe and Asia. Here are the enormous dimensions. Total length is 1560 meters. Width...
The Sultan Ahmed Mosque

How the Sultan Ahmed Mosque Was Built?

One of the unique masterworks of the Ottoman Empire. Ordered by Sultan Ahmed I, the mosque was designed and built by the architect Sedefkar...
Big Bang

Interesting Facts About the Universe, Solar Eclipses And Supernovas

What are some interesting facts about the solar system and the universe and supernovas? And how does the system works? First let's take a...
Anatomy of the Human Eye

What is the Anatomy of the Human Eye?

Our eyes, the sharpest and quickest photographic lenses of the world. They respond to light in an instant with their marvelous diaphragm setups. While...
The Dwarf Planet Eris

Interesting Facts You Should Know About the Dwarf Planet Eris

Eris, located far away, really far away. That's why it was very difficult for us to notice it. But its discovery changed completely our...
British Empire Map

Essential Facts You Should Know the British Empire, Colonialism And Dynasties

You've probably seen many versions of the world map. Each of these maps put the government they represent to the center of the world....
Mona Lisa - Portrait of Lisa Gherardini

The Most Productive Man in the History of Mankind: Leonardo da Vinci

A genius with an estimated I.Q of 220 and the most productive man in the history of mankind according to the Book of Geniuses:...

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