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We’re talking about the history of mankind, certain historical events, animals or technology here. We think educated and civilized people often enjoy talking about these things.

Turkish ramadan pita

A Brief History of the Turkish Ramadan Pita

The Pita of Ramadan, the most sacred state of the dough. It visits tables only in the holy Ramadan and that's why it is...
Ethiopian Coffee

Everything To Know About Coffee, Turkish Coffee And Culture

We don't know who actually discovered coffee as a beverage. But there are so many rumors about it. The first legend about coffee which...
Voyager 1

The Following Things We Should Know About the Solar System And Voyager 1

In previous post, you will possibly be aware that we were talking about the Moon, Earth, Saturn V Rocket, Curiosity, Mars and more. Now...
Earth planet in the solar system

Things And the First Steps We Made Towards Out of the World

It is a planet that we shape with our preferences out inside of it. However when you look from outside everything is so quiet...

The Most Important Sources of Energy We Have in Our Hands: Fire and Metal

Fire is a conception that is much beyond the human history just like water. Its story in the meantime is the story of formation...
The story of the water

The First Steps of Civilization History: Water and Clay

In the story of the water, we have narrated the changes that the world we live on has undergone and the effect of this...
Aizanoi The Temple of Zeus

The Short History of Aizanoi and Marvellous Temple of Zeus

It's quite difficult to find a place on Earth where human impact does not reach. Especially in all areas of geography. The earth that...

The Bloody History of Mankind During the Past Century

You've probably heard many things about secret powers that rule the world. Some of them makes you think of conspiracy theories. In fact, everyone...

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