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How to Spot Clean And Oil Your Cuckoo Clock


Repairing a cuckoo clock, so we can take a look. Perhaps, we will help you get the repair you need. Anyway. One day clockwork cuckoo clocks. They require winding every 24 hours. One of the most common problems in cuckoo clocks is worn out or broken cuckoo bellows due to pulls on the pendulums or getting hit. This makes it impossible to produce a sweet clear cuckoo sound. What we need to repair it are a screwdriver, double tweezers and needle nose pliers. You can purchase these tools from hardware stores.

Now, we can start repairing the bellows of the cuckoo clock. First the cover is removed. Then the cover of the pipe housing is removed. The last part to remove is the pipe itself. A faulty bellow causes the cuckoo clock not to work properly. So, they should be checked. This bellow is worn out and needs to be replaced. A new one replaces the worn out one. The pipe with the new bellow is mounted by the screw on the side of the clock.

The bellow is checked to see if it works properly by pulling on the chains under the pipe. The hook is mounted on top of the bellow using tweezers to ensure proper up and down movement. The hook is fitted in place. The pipe with the new bellow is in place now and it works properly. It’s a good idea to adjust the small trap door so that the bird can appear easily. The pendulum and the weights are put back on. The pipe is checked once again. The bellow moves up and down, and the pipe produces the cuckoo sound properly.

Now, it’s time for the maintenance, in other words, oiling the clock mechanism. Take some good grade clock oil and oil the pivot oil sinks. If bushings are not oiled, the clock will run slow or won’t work properly. That’s why this sort of clocks should be oiled once in two years time. Now, it’s time to set the clock. After the maintenance, the hour and minute hands of the clock are set. The last step is to put the rear cover back in place. This watch will run without any problem for a long time.


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