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How We Can Get Out of Economic Crisis?


Knowledge is an ocean. You many not be able to reach its bottom and you may not reach its shore. In spite of this fact there are many oceans, but the ships are only using one way to navigate in the ocean. It’s a wide ocean but the ships they navigate only in one direction to reach their target. What is needed for us, we must learn it, get to know it or teach it. This is important. But the methods to teach and to learn in the universities they demand from the students, from the young people, what is beyond their ability.

The young one may go on his way and find a good result or by finding an answer to this question, the young one may find his target and reach a safe harbor. If we teach you swimming for example, or if we are about to teach you how to steer a ship, at that time what is important is for you to learn and find out the way that may take you to your target, to accomplish your mission.

For example, if your target is to reach to New York they should teach you a way to steer the ship from London to New York. This is the wise way. But in the universities they are teaching you how to navigate the ship to various and different harbors. Why? For what is this? This would be fine if young one wants to be the captain of the ship. If we gave him the responsibility to steer this ship. And you’re going to navigate this ship, here and there. This is overburdening the student. Teach him one way to his target, the line that will enable him to reach New York. That’s enough. But they are teaching him to steer the ship to many harbors and this doesn’t give good results.

How many years is it required for you to study and get a degree? You probably studied two years already and has two years more. What do you study? Economics, the rules of economics. We’re asking how to arrange the economy and please just tell us how is it possible for the people to use the trust for the people? Let’s imagine you’re saying “I am the captain, I am going to go to this harbor”. Now we are saying “We want to go directly to New York”. But you’re saying: “No! You have to be with us walk with us to at least 10 harbors. Then after 10 harbors we will reach the harbor of New York”. Well, now we’re saying: “Why? Why do you take us to 10 harbors before we reach New York?” As a result of this is wasted effort.

Why should we tolerate such a trip that is not needed? Economics is the main pillar of human life. It is the main pillar. It is not possible for anyone not to know something about the knowledge of Economics. It is a must to know something about economics for every individual, Even for a small servant who is working in a small shop even such a person must learn something about economics. Therefore, two years you already in university and you still has two years more, what did you learn? How is it possible for the community, or for each individual, to save yourself or themselves from sinking into the ocean of danger, of economic crisis.

How many books did you read in two years? One, two, three? How many? Anyway they gave us that much. But you may use the book for a long period. What are the titles of the books? The human brain does not focus on the important point. There is no focus. What is required for the student to learn? Now we are living in the time of the economic crisis, an extreme economic crisis. Even countries nowadays are bankrupt. How could that be for a country to be bankrupt? It is not possible but how could this happen? For what reason did countries reach bankruptcy? In spite of the fact that they are printing money, printing money, and no one is asking about the amount that you have printed and you cannot pay the wages of the workers.

You are cutting from his wages and you are giving the workers the minimum wage. How is this? They are ignorant of the reality of the knowledge of economics. Economy is, to keep or preserve what one has, so it is not wasted. You did not learn such things. They did not actually learn anything. Two years, what does it mean, economy? Perhaps you don’t know. Economic is, to preserve what you have. Did you learn at the university? No, nothing. And they are all like him. They don’t know. And if someone doesn’t know, the teachers don’t know, how can they teach?

Their life is going to waste. And their energy is wasted. His personal energy or effort is going to waste. Effort is wasted. And it reaches to the point of zero, instead of coming up from zero. All the effort of the student is at zero level. We are at zero level, for what then are we going to university? For what? For what reason? We are asking, to get up from zero, upwards! And this is the mission of the university and the college of economics. To bring the level of the servants to something higher than zero. Luxury. How can we reach that? Through the college of economics? Well, they’re not teaching them anything in the college of economics.


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