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Music is Meant To Bring People Together


Some worked for his country with a pen in his hand some with a baby on her lap and some with a rifle on his shoulder. There is no big or small duty for humanity. Every mission is divine. There is no difference between ruling the country well and cleaning the streets. People are respectable according to how much they respect their job. Then, let’s straight to the point. So is being interested in music, a divine duty? Of course. Art is the best of the occupations. Because it connects people. Two people with different thoughts may drum on same song they may croon the same folk song and cry for the same requiem. Because people are same at heart. Pain, happiness, longing and love. These feelings are common. Music bring us together with this feelings.

The rhythm is the reason why the music sounds so good. Rhythm starts with the heart beat in our lives. Everything in the universe continues with a harmony. Meanwhile there is no age limit or an end for music education. Music develops brain and mental health especially for kids. However, there is no need to worry. Sometimes it is inevitable to avoid such misfortune. Misfortune events, mishaps, hitches all are a part of life after all. And however those events are inevitable, hope is also a part of our lives too. So then you probably know that you cannot expect everyone to be perfect. That’s all, anyway.

Actually music gives us the joy of living. To give just one simple example, the folk artists have a characteristic; they are the “Bearers of the Culture”. So it means they are important in transporting the culture from one place to another, and in keeping it alive. Of course, we are not saying that that is the sole reason they are engaged in carrying the culture with them, because this is something they do to make ends meet.

Music is one of the most important aspects of our lives. And it is so powerful that you can even read history through music. This is one of the things that we musicologist are doing now. We try to read history through music. Or, we try to understand today’s society through music. We try to understand what people think. Reading through music is one of the strongest areas in social sciences. And about folk songs.

You can even read a country’s history through folk songs. Its structure. You can understand what happened in history. What pains were suffered, what joys were experienced. For another example, according to Ottomans, Yemen is not a victory. Hundreds of thousands of Ottoman soldiers were lost in Yemen. These are folk songs sung for them, and all of them are painful. Although it’s not a victory song, when you compare it to Yemen, the folk song about Sevastopol may be considered a victory song. So that means you can read a society through folk songs or music and the musical preferences of people.

Actually sometimes music is like an ocean or love. It always follows you like a curse throughout your life. No matter what you do and how you live, you always know that something is missing. Your other half is very far away, out of reach. Seems like whenever you get on board leaving him behind, you leave your other half on the pier. That’s what music is like. But, in short, we’ll discuss this matter again another time.


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