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Needles Have Been Discovered in Strawberries in Australia


As well as you know, strawberries have been part of life and they’re the most popular fruit in the world. Today, one may say there is the big problem with strawberries in Australia. Therefore, the Aussies should be careful what they eat. Because sewing needles have been found in packaged strawberries in Australia. One man and a seven year old girl discovered a needle after biting into a strawberry. The man has been hospitalized. Panic across the country has caused an industry crisis. After six of the largest strawberry brands have been recalled. WA Strawberry Growers Association Paul Da Silva said: “To date, the WA (Western Australia state) industry has dumped over 20,000 kilos of our fruit and that’s basically from cancellation of orders, and lack of demand”.

New Zealand’s biggest supermarkets have stopped sales from Australian suppliers. Police say the culprits can face up to 10 years in jail. NSW Police Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said: “In relation to the motivation, in relation to these offences, we still have not had any confirmed motivation or reasons why a person would want to do this”. Authorities have urged people to slice their fruits before consumption. The strawberry industry in Australia is worth 115 million dollars. The strawberry scare in Australia is piercing everyone and no one quite knows who’s behind it. Australian Prime Minister said “I know many Australians are very concerned about what’s been happening with the strawberries and what some ignorant has done. In disrupting and damaging an entire industry, and making parents worried all around the country.”

Since needles were first found in the fruit a week ago, the 100 million dollar strawberry industry has been hit hard. Farmers have started dumping their unsold stock. They’re also installing metal detectors to check for needles and now copycats appear to be targeting other fruit, but social media users are stepping in to help hashtag #SmashaStrawb is trending, with people sharing ways to eat smashed and sliced strawberries. Strawberry Growers Association Adrian Shultz said: “You know we’ve been through a fair bit but it looks like it’s hopefully turning around now and with the support from the government and the public, we can move on”. Meanwhile the government is offering 1 million dollar to help deal with the crisis. And whoever is found to be responsible could now face up to 15 years in prison.

Anyway. In today’s world, people in old times would eat one kind course meal only. There was not much but they were healthier and stronger. There are all kinds of foods available and people eat too much. When people start a meal, they eat everything without looking what is in it. There are many kinds of poisonous foods without checking what is inside if it is forbidden or not. Especially eating outside, in these restaurants is even more unsuitable. That means it is very dangerous to eat outside at places where you’re not 100% sure of what you eat. Because if you eat unknowingly, there is no forbidden but once that poison is in the food, it harms you and harms your spirituality as well as harming your physical being and your body. Therefore be careful.


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