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Perhaps You Will Learn Some Things You Didn’t Know About Refugees And Asylum Seekers


Refugees, migrants or asylum seekers, whatever you call them. Because it doesn’t matter whoever they are. They’re people who ran away from the war in Syria or from anywhere in the world. And risked death for just going to Europe. They were killed when their boat sank off. Because they attempting boat crossings to Europe. We are sorry to say that but the whole geography has been bleeding. All those innocent people who was running away from war. The violence they were exposed, has already been coded to their genes.

Right now, about 13 million children are growing up without an education. What will happen to them? And what about those poor refugees who took to the roads? Human beings are actually plants. They are soil grown and they fall on to the soil. If you take them away from the soil, they die. We know that it’s not possible to relieve the pain of their loss ones. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do except for condoling.

Refugees on boat

The colonial powers, they changed the powers by causing chaos in this region like Libya, Egypt or the whole of Africa, Syria, Iraq or the whole of the Middle East. Then they called the act “Spring” referring the peace. But at the end of the day, The loser ones are not the Powers but people themselves. We can say one thing after everything that’s been going on around us. We are aware that there are some big plays going on about this area.

We should be determined to putting up our fight with this consciousness and protecting these people. These people will either see the chaos or the peace. We are rather sure that there is no power that can stand against the consciousness. As long as this consciousness spreads to the nation. In today’s world, we see a different side of the situation every day. Unfortunately the world nations sees this tragedy a lot more different. Seems like in the near future, the refugee population will be dominant in Europe. But some governments, they keep hiding this fear with their crocodile tears.

Unfortunately their fears can not come before the colonial system. They are in this thing with every sources they have. Such an organized governance, can not be just from Syria or Iraq or anywhere. They are all parts of a certain system. Modern wars are the most bloody and also profitable markets for such lechers. Divide and rule is just the story part of this thing. Everything begins after that. The sides of this war are always meant to be balanced. They never allow a victory that can end this war.

Refugees, migrants or asylum seekers

Because if this war ends, that means the end of the market. Market of life! People are forced to leave their homelands with massacres and plunders. They their feast begins. Flesh trade, organ trade and looting every underground sources. Unfortunately the international donations and nongovernmental organizations are supposed be made a part of this balance. When they keep helping the refugees, that will also help sustaining the war as well. The war lords keep investing in every field just to achieve their goals.

Anyway. We have to be prepared for any kind of move from anywhere at this point. We are witnessing the history nowadays. To witness won’t be enough for us anymore. Look how they are now because of the dirty plays they have in their country. People set eyes on their lands, properties, organs and even lives. They are running away from the cruelty. Some of them keep drowning and some of them keep dying on the roads. What did these people do? Everyone is after his own profit. Should we be after our profits too? Call no man happy till he dies.

A refugee Camp

The research we’ve been doing, has showed that we were right. When some strategic spots in the Middle East have been changing hands some different Powers also started become parts of the critical balances of the global dynasties. And this is happening so fast and invisible that, it’s not even possible to talk about a certain Middle East map right now. This is the perfect time for some people to make their own maps.

The legacy of colonial states have created a violence Academy in the Middle East. Iraq war was literally the practice area for the global Powers. The Middle East has become an international market and has created it’s own war entrepreneurs. And now these entrepreneurs started to bestow their hands on the globals actors’ shares. Meanwhile, don’t worry and calm down. We are all human beings and we were not thinking only some specific people. We think the same way for the whole mankind, Ukrainian refugees too.

Ukrainian Refugees

Rocks, trees, birds, cats, dogs or wolves every thing assumed the form of something. The human assumed the form of human. When you get headache, doesn’t your mind recognize that pain? When you get a prick on your foot, do you know it from your foot or from your mind? Then human is part of the universe. We are the pollens from one flower…


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