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Something More Than One Person Know, It’s Not a Secret Anymore


Things change in this world. Nothing remains the same. Therefore, in order to feel safe and secure, do not go to the extreme with anything. Keep something for yourself that will help you out. In former times, before guns, firearms were invented, people had wrestlers, it was the main time of wrestling. They would challenge each other to wrestle. They were experts in these matters. Once there was a man who was a great wrestler master, no one could defeat him. By his side he had a trainee, a new wrestler in training is called a trainee.

There was no one who could defeat this wrestler. He was much loved by the King. Wrestling is not all as it seems to be. It is not all about grabbing and pushing and pulling, there are secrets to it, and there is a method of how to bring your opponent down, how to bring him to the ground and defeat him. There are principles and there are certain tricks.

This trainee had already been taught nine hundred ninety-nine of these tricks by his master. But one he had not yet taught him. The trainee insisted that he teach him everything, but the master just passed over it. In the end the trainee became a very strong wrestler indeed. Nobody could resist him. The King was delighted with him, he was his favorite, being such a powerful wrestler in those days people valued such qualities, such wrestlers as he were highly prized. This wrestler in the King’s presence followed his egos to say: “Nobody can overcome me!”

Even though his master was there with him. The King resented that remark, but said nothing to him. So there he challenged his master. All right, said the King, if you should win, you will still give all your titles to the master, for all he taught you. He said Ok. Really, nobody could resist him and he was such a strong, powerful wrestler. His master entered the ring. The master knew that his student was stronger than he, but he was also very clever. He had experience and experience is important.

Because of his experience, without giving him a chance, he applied the one trick he had not taught him and brought him down to the ground. He knocked him out. The trainee sprawled on the ground. He said: “O master, that one you did not teach me?” And the master said: “I did not teach it to you because of this time now.”

As you can see, nothing human can be entirely trusted. Do not tell everything. Do not tell everybody everything. For when more than two people know a secret, it no longer is a secret. Actually, if more than one person knows about it, it no longer is a secret. Some people just cannot keep a secret. But at times it is necessary. Some people are trusting and say it, but it is not good to say it to another. This is an important point. Get along well with people, but don’t go to extremes. Do not go too far in hating people, but also do not tell everything you know to the one you love, there is no need. For sometimes, most of the time really, things are bound to change.


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