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Here are many helpful and valuable examples of stories for you to get the spiritual support that you need.

The Ballad of Narayama

The Ballad of Narayama

First of all, we'd like to say it is a deep and interesting story. You will see how they lived in the 19th century....
An American traveller Rikki Lee Roath

An American Woman’s Travel Diary For A Trip To the Black Sea

There is a woman who travels alone, in many countries around the world. Well, her name is Rikki Lee Roath. She has travelled to...
Music bring us together

Music is Meant To Bring People Together

Some worked for his country with a pen in his hand some with a baby on her lap and some with a rifle on...
Baltalimanı Mustafa Reşit Pasha Residence

The Waterside Residences of the Bosphorus

We wonder, could there be any other city in the world that you yearn for while actually living in it? Istanbul is such a...
Zarif Mustafa Pasha residence

The Story of the Zarif Mustafa Pasha Residence

Istanbul wakes up to a new day. The Bosphorus peers through the mist and says good day to a magical morning. The waterside residences...
Staying in the hotel rooms

The People Who Live All Alone in the Hotel Rooms

The wall looks at you and you look at the walls. You look at your right, nobody. You look at your left, nobody. You...
Bakhchysarai in central Crimea

The Story of A Man Searching For His Relatives Who Lived in Crimea

Many stories are told all around the world everyday, every hour and every moment. Each in a different taste, a different language and a...
Peppermint, Hot sauce and Oral thermometer

What Would Happen if You Have Hot Sauce or Peppermint in Your Mouth?

Do you have some questions that stick to your mind? Or things that you think, "How am I going to do that?" In this...
Reed flute

The Spiritual Significance of the Reed Flute

The reed is a non-living here worse story is parallel to that of the human and who lives a parallel life in a different...
The Greatest Happiness

The Greatest Happiness is To Make People Happy

Once upon a time, there was a widow who lives with his son Michael. She sews for living. This earnings, but enough to get...

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