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Here are many helpful and valuable examples of stories for you to get the spiritual support that you need.

The camel and the lion

The Camel Remains Separate From His Caravan

Once upon a time, the ling king made his home near by a road where the caravans pass. The lion used to have 3...

Something More Than One Person Know, It’s Not a Secret Anymore

Things change in this world. Nothing remains the same. Therefore, in order to feel safe and secure, do not go to the extreme with...
Coming from heart

Tongue Cannot Hold What is Coming From Heart

You are welcome to our humble home, tell us know who are you? What do you do, where are you coming from, where are...
Keeping Promises and Secrets

The Importance of Keeping Promises And Secrets

What would you do if you found out someone whom you trust a lot you love and know as a friend has been using...
The oyster hidden in the sea

After Every Night, the Morning Will Come Eventually

Throw away your sorrow to the sea. If the sea washes ashore, it will clean what you threw and give it to you like...
The Way of The Lions

Always Walk in the Way of the Lions And Become a Lion

The people, they are not the same as if coming out from a car factory. Just as everyone has a different finger print, every...
White horse

A Short Story For People Who Make Fast Decisions

Maybe it was a bad experience you've been through but sure it also made you a lot stronger. That's why there is nothing to...

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