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The Ballad of Narayama


First of all, we’d like to say it is a deep and interesting story. You will see how they lived in the 19th century. The culture, the religion, the old days and the life style of the Japanese people. It’s amazing how nature works. With plenty of gorgeous nature and wildlife in the area, we are seeing the rule of law to the rules of the jungle. The nature and humans live together. And we are seeing eagle, mouse, snake, skunk, frog and swallows. They are hunting and mating with each other. That makes it very attractive to watch.

A poor village near the mountain, where life is tough. Poverty makes villagers worse and they keep their old traditions alive, under hard conditions. So, you probably already know. Today, in many places people still keep up their old traditions. Indeed thousands of years later, it is still the same. And yet despite this, it may interest you to know why that movie is needed. Anyways if you watch the movie, those things are there. Now, we would like to tell you a brief story from the movie.

In the far east of the world, very far from us there is a place where the Japanese people live. And there is a tradition in that place. According to the tradition, every old person who is 70 and have no tooth in their mouth is seen as a burden and to reduce one mouth on the dining table that person is taken to a mountain and left for dead. The name of the mountain is Narayama. There is a village near the mountain.

In this crowded village, only food is the rice they raise. But the harvest is not enough to feed the people. And in the village there is a man living with his son and mom. His wife died in childbirth. And his mom is getting closer to age of 70 everyday. He just can’t feel right that he is supposed to leave his mom dead on the mountain. When the man works in the field, his son tells the grandma to prepare for living. Because there is a girl who is loved by the son. And soon there will be a new mouth to feed in the family.

The woman decides to tell his son that she has lost her teeth to convince him that she is old now. For this reason, she goes behind the house and finds a rock. She closes her eyes, opens her mouth and hits the rock with her teeth. Her teeth are broken bleeding. When the son goes in the house, he starts to look for his mom. As he goes around the house, he finds his mom lying on the ground.

He runs and picks her up. When he looks at her face, realizes the scene. Her face is covered with blood. Her mouth bleeds and broken teeth can be seen. Son, he starts to cry. But, his mom is smiling, and “My son, now I could die with my dignity. Take me to the mountain“, she says. He tries to clean off the blood her face while he cries. The old woman says she doesn’t want to feel ashamed of herself. Son has to accept her decision.

They take the road. He carries his mother on his back all the way. And he tries to change her mind many times but he can’t manage that. On the road, the old woman doesn’t talk to her son. Eventually, they reach the peak of mount Narayama. The birds of prey scavenge the bones to find something to eat. And she says, “My son, it is alright. Just leave me here now“. He begins to walk down to the house in tears. And the old woman puts her last food on her breast and lies down. She begins to wait for the death. The last thing she sees on the sky is the stars that are lined up and the birds eating the corpses.


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