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The Bloody History of Mankind During the Past Century


You’ve probably heard many things about secret powers that rule the world. Some of them makes you think of conspiracy theories. In fact, everyone experience the process until coming face to face with the fact itself. If you want to know if they really exist or see their faces, you just need to have look at the bloody history of mankind during the past century. The biggest state of the world are behind of everything. Well, United States of America or United Kingdom? Neither. China, Israel, Germany, France or Russia. None.

Then which state are we talking about? Of course New Free State of World. Without a homeland, without a national flag, without nation, without religion. Just a hidden state. They change powers, they change borders, they start wars and they finish them whenever they want and as a result they’re the ultimate winners. There’s a lot more about the Great Pyramid of External Powers that you probably didn’t know about, or perhaps you probably know but at least we’ll try to show with an explain now.

The world population will be 10 billion in 2050 if it keeps increasing like this. People on top think that only 1 billion is enough for carrying on the system. They want the rest dead. This is one of the main reasons of wars, deaths, diseases and hunger. People you see, people who belong to lower class. Medium level businessman, regular bureaucrats and politicians are the mafia groups you can name. They’re easy to reach although they keep changing.

There are the ones who can be seen insufficiently in the middle class. They are powers who are organized under political parties, foundations and institutions. Men who rule them are not in the limelight. Not so many people know their names. There are also big and powerful businessmen here who run different and illegal business lines. Meanwhile we’re talking about barons. They are just a part of the system but they are not the system itself. We can name man of them anymore and the ruling class consists of the unseen.

It is a classified structure that is unitized in itself and that is way too hard to figure out. We know that the %1 of the world population has almost the half of the wealth of the world. The number of the men who are in the ruling class is a lot more striking then you think. Well, how many are they? Maximum a thousand in a world of 7 billion people and you can not find their names on the list of The World’s Billionaires list. How can they hide themselves when they have such a wealth and power? Of course through representatives after using economical, political and military powers.

The Unseen
It’s like the council a similar organization.

Some colonist states has always been in a fight for every source and all the wealth according to the appearing politics of the world. They have gaines different kinds power on different locations during the last quarter of the century. So this where we are now. There is a question in our mind and we are not sure that we can find the right answer together. And that is, what can you do for the humanity that no one else can? Perhaps you probably can’t do anything. This may not be the right time to find out about this but you will struggle with this and find your own solution. Anyway. Everyone have right to know the truth.

In short, the next time you will see more posts about this. If you want, just ask anything right now and right here that you don’t understand, you are not convinced or you object. That means if you have questions, then you will ask and get your answers.


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