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The Camel Remains Separate From His Caravan


Once upon a time, the ling king made his home near by a road where the caravans pass. The lion used to have 3 fellows who served him. The wolf, the jackal and the crow. The lion used to rule the territory together with these 3 servants. One day, a camel separated from his caravan came to his side. The lion said: “What is your wish?” And the camel said: “I only want to serve you.” And lion: “Every day, in times of happiness and distress, will you always be loyal to me? And camel: “Until I die, I’ll be.” And lion: “Then, you can live in peace here. Neither me nor anyone can harm you.” Now lion said to the servants “Listen to me. For now on, this camel is under my protection. Everybody should know it.”

The camel thanked and left the lion’s side and he started to live in the lion’s kingdom in peace. One day, the lion met an angry elephant. The elephant hurt him badly. Because of the wounds, he could hardly go hunting anymore. Both the hunger and the wounds, made him deadbeat. His fellows feeding from the lion’s leftovers were also starving. And one day, they gathered to find a solution for this situation.

The wolf: “Here is a camel grazing with pleasure. But we’re in hunger. Come on, let’s go and eat it.”

The jackal: “Are you mad? If the lion hears this, you’ll be dead. Don’t you remember what he promised. He promised that ‘No one would dare to touch you.’ The lion never gives up his promise. Don’t even think of it.”

The crow: “But if the camel accepts this by himself then the lion wouldn’t be giving up his promise.”

The jackal: “What are you trying to say? You mean he would let us to eat him. It is not possible.”

Meanwhile, the camel was grazing nearby. When he heard that they were talking about him, he listened under the counter.

The crow: “I have a plan that would made them accept. Both the lion and the camel. Neither we’ll get hurt nor the lion would be giving up his promise. Listen to me. We’ll take the camel and come before the lion’s side. Each of us will say, ‘Eat me, my Lord. I sacrifice myself for you.’ The others will oppose this offering, by coming up different excuses. The camel will do the same. And when he serves himself as the meal, no one will oppose. So, the lion will eat him and we’ll fill our stomach.”

The wolf and jackal: “You’re a genius. This is a super plan. It will be a feast for us.”

So, in order to realize their plan the three buddies took the camel beside them and came before the lion:

First, the crow: “My Lord, My Lord! The hunger and the wounds made you deadbeat. God forbid, what shall we do if something happens to you. I cannot watch it anymore. I am ready to sacrifice myself. Come on, eat me.”

The jackal: “Can it be? You are so little, you won’t be enough to fill his teeth. And also, everyone knows the meat of crow is harmful to health.”

While the three clever bodies playing their roles, the camel aware of this devious plan were listening them in silence… “Ummm, look at them! Being unaware that I know their plan they stay so much confident. I’ll teach you such a lesson that you’ll see the end of people who lay a plot to others, with lies and tricks.”

Meanwhile, the wolf and the jackal put themselves into service in turn. But each time the others opposed by coming up with different excuses. Finally, it was the camel’s turn…

“Dear Lord! It is an honour for me to give my life for you, like my friends. Thousands will sacrifice for you. But, the sages warn that the one who has wounds should never eat camel meat. Because, it is well known that camel meat irritates the wounds and it takes a long time to get heal. But I know a medicine which will make you healthier and stronger than you’ve ever been. But in order to make this medicine, we need the tail of a crow, the ears of a wolf and the nails of a jackal. Thanks God that you have servants who are ready to give their lives for you. By means of their sacrifice, I can prepare the medicine at once.”

The crow: “Of course, we are ready to do all the sacrifice for our Lord.”

The wolf: “Yes, yes! We are ready to give our lives for our Lord!”

The lion: “Thank you my faithful fellows.”

But, the three buddies who fell into the trap they have digged, run away from the side of the lion and never came back again. The camel saving his life from the trap by using his mind, lived in the lion’s kingdom in peace and happiness for years…


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