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The Effects of Capitalism: How Capitalism Exploits Us?


There’s much to talk about. Let’s have a look at how does capitalism it affect society. The tastiest fish is the cheapest one. Fish from the ice house are more expensive. Why are we against ice houses and freezers? Because freezers are the worst invention of mankind. They make you buy more than you need. Fishermen catch more than they need, just because freezers exist. The fish which are supposed to be in the sea are stored in the freezer. But if we eat them in season, they would be cheaper, healthier and tastier. But you buy it when it’s cheap and you store it.

The system is selling you freezers worth hundreds of heaps money, so that you can buy fish for a few money less. Then you hear people talking at the table: “The fish, the tomatoes are not the same anymore.” If you want to eat tomatoes in February, of course it would be tasteless. Wait for May and the tomatoes would be nice and tasty again. But the system focuses on selling so much that it never waits for season. Greenhouses, freezers and stuff. They want to sell everything all the time.

We’re against secured building complexes. Because no secured building complex can be as safe as a neighborhood. We’ll ask you something. Can you give your house keys to your security guy? Probably, no. But you can give them to the grocer or your neighbor. We’ll ask you something as well. Can you tell your security guy: “When the kid comes from school, feed him. I have to go to the hospital.” Of course, you can’t. But you can, to your neighbor. You can tell the grocer to keep an eye on your kid.

A neighborhood is such a safe place that evil people from the outside world can be immediately spotted. No evil person can last long in a neighborhood. Even the dogs bark differently at evil people. So, that’s why we don’t like building complexes. You know what Foucault said? “Capitalism gives you comfort and takes away your freedom.”

There is a counselor for marriage. In order to be a counselor for a subject, you either study it in college, or you learn it from a master. There’s no “marriage counseling” major in colleges that we know of. And since those people weren’t apprentices for married couples, how can they be counselors? But everyone is going to these counselors now. That’s the capitalist world. First, it breaks down your marriage. Then it sends you to the marriage counselor and charges you money. These are nothing.

This modern world has defined it all. It never lets you go with the flow. “This is your work life. This is how you raise your kids. This is the color of your hair. Your nose shouldn’t be big. If it is, have it fixed. Your lips shouldn’t be thin. If they are, have them filled. Send your kids to private schools. Live in secured building complexes. Change your car every two years. If you have no money, apply for credit. Carry some credit cards.”

This is the system. If one of these items is missing, it makes you feel incomplete. You feel like you’re missing out on something. Tell us if it is not true. Everyone says “why don’t I have it”. People had so many problems with work as well. Actually being a woman is a problem in the first place. You keep struggling with men who want to keep you from rising. We’d be lying if we said we know how hard it is to be a woman. But we can guess. As if those weren’t enough, the system makes you compete with men as well. Even with other women.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. If you are a man or a woman. As if those weren’t enough, the system makes you compete with women as well. Even with other man. And makes your kids compete with theirs. Example of a simple, the capitalist world doesn’t allow for wrinkles, the most natural things. But they’re so nice. They remind you of your memories. But this system makes you think they are a shame. And why? To sell you wrinkle creams. As a result, this system makes you feel guilty. Then it makes you pay the penalty. That is the goal.

If there was formula for happiness, this capitalist system would put it into bottle and sell. But perhaps, some things is not as strong as it seems. You can win if you know how to fight it. A fighter doesn’t lose when he falls. He loses when he can’t get up. Okay, but how will you get up? Wait, don’t rush it. Let’s enjoy this beautiful world view first. Then, we can beat capitalism together.

Do you know how planes fly? They can fly because of the headwind. That wind blows right across and gets under the plane. It lifts that giant mass like a bird. The pilot only pulls the lever. The plane doesn’t take off if he doesn’t. That wind can either lift you up or make you drown. All in all, it’s all up to you. Yes, it’s all up to you. This life wants to devour you. You need to resist. If you want to experience the beauty of world, you need to be free. Only free people can enjoy this world. How can you be free? You will be, don’t worry. What did the famous philosopher say? “We’ll figure it out.”


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