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The Essential Things You Should Know About Greenwich


At ground zero, right at the center of the earth, in a land where future meets with past, west with east and people with the world, the most interesting island of the world, England. There is only one city in the world where 300 different languages are spoken, one place where people of 270 nations live together: London. The heart of the world and the capital of England. The heir of a 2,000 years old history and the starting point of the Prime Meridian. Then let’s look at what’s going on there.

Greenwich, London
Greenwich is a town of Southern London. Today, we all adjust our times according to Greenwich where we assume the prime meridian passes through. Meridians are imaginary lines that we draw on our spherical world to be able to calculate time and determine locations. And these imaginary lines help us to find our way on the planet. The point where the Prime Meridian that defines the west and east hemispheres of the world passes through was determined as Greenwich with an international agreement signed in 1884. And this place is accepted as the starting point from that day on. This also where our England journey takes its start now.


As a real Londoner, you with any nation origins born in somewhere and grown in London. Because every person out of three living in London is born in another country of the world. The Journey from the eastern hemisphere to the western one is part of a Londoner’s daily routine. Because every day, s/he has to cross the symbolic parallel line located in Greenwich.

Clocks, maps, astronomy, stock, market, air traffic, all these are adjusted according to Greenwich since 131 years. Because this fact was different before 1884. Istanbul was accepted as the center of the world and all calculations were made according to Istanbul. Greenwich is the first big park of London and it is the home of the greatest maritime museum of the world as well as the Royal Observatory. The town located at the bank of the biggest river in England the Thames, is an important harbor.

Greenwich Time

As you can see, the Canary Wharf right across Greenwich the financial capital of the world. It is very natural for you to encounter with Turkish people and culture in every aspect of the English life. Because the popular stop of thousands of finance employee working in Canary Wharf, is a Turkish restaurant.

This is the only neighborhood in London where the skyscrapers pile up. The other peculiarity of the place is to be built on artificial canals. Canary Wharf that is the center of the biggest financial establishments and banks of the world, the heart of the international stock market and the hangout place of the millions of businessmen every day was in fact hosting one of the busiest harbors of the earth a hundred years ago.


As it was once the busiest harbor of the world, finding the most famous fish market of Europe hidden around these skyscrapers, is not that surprising. The first lights of the morning, 4.30 am. The most famous fish market of the world begins its shift that will last hours here. Of course the most popular people in here are, as always the Turks. All the fish of Turkish waters, from anchovy to horse mackerel, from skipjack to whiting, enters the world cuisine from here. As we said, Turks are present in every aspect of life in London, and mostly if the food is concerned.

You can find every single species of seafood in this market. People from all over the world visit the place every day and buy seafood peculiar to their culture. As the history is hidden in every corner of London for years, this place is hosting the fish market for 5 centuries. Billingsgate that was once the biggest fish market of the world has been renovated in 80’s and took its final shape.


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