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The Importance of Keeping Promises And Secrets


What would you do if you found out someone whom you trust a lot you love and know as a friend has been using you? Did that ever happen to you? Perhaps you’re sick of those who looks as friends but who are devil inside. Then, what did you do when you found out that? Is it hurt a lot? Probably it hurts you a lot but it’s even worse if you don’t find out. It calls experience you mature. Because you don’t face with one very often who doesn’t double cross you.

You know that they say, don’t lean on a wall cause it’s demolished, don’t lean on a man cause he dies. Therefore, you’ll never trust each person. Otherwise you have a mind of your own and of course you will use it. You will find the right and the wrong one eventually then. But what if you learn the thing you’ve known as right was actually wrong? That’s the thing and that’s why everyone need a cautious one. And cautious means, having the power to see the truth without mistakes. If you know your past, you make right moves in the future.

Today’s people only need some hope to go on. Then try to make your life easier for yourself. E.g. at least don’t try to be someone else. Just be yourself if you do not want to be like the others. There is always more than you can see, and please note that you should be one of his word. Your word. Anyway. How can someone be a confidant? If someone gave you a secret, you can be one by keeping his secret as if it is yours. If you are really a true friend of someone, we hope you can keep your friend’s secrets. All right, what should you do to be friends? Of course, you should be confidential and keep his secrets. Now let us tell you a short two story about making a promise and keeping secrets.

A student asks for ratification from his master. The friend of the rights turns his student down on the grounds that not being ready yet, and he says he must grow mature and he is incompetent for keeping secrets. But after insistences of student, he approves. The friend of rights gives a box to student, and tells him to take it to someone in some city without opening it on the road. And he repeats, “you shouldn’t open the box, this is a secret between us, you must keep this secret so I can ratify”. The student says with joy that, “okay my sultan I will do it you’ll see”.

And he takes the road but he gets curious what’s in the box before he arrives the city, while on the road. He thinks it wouldn’t harm anyone if he opens it and he opens the box. As soon as he opens the box, three mice jump out of it and run away. The students returns to his master and speaks with anger “did you make me go that far with only three mice I thought there was something valuable in it”. His master says, “you can’t even carry three mice yet. How can I entrust the secret of the spiritual wisdom to you? You must work harder for ratification”.

And, there was a man. He set off with a friend in the winter time. They arrived somewhere. The man’s friend saw a house ahead of them. It was the house of a mate. He said he would go to see his mate and asked if his friend would wait for him. The man said of course he would wait. The man went inside. As soon as he got in the door he saw a great treat. The tables were all set and he completely forgot about his friend.

In the morning he went back. He saw that his friend was still waiting for him in the cold weather. When he said “I thought you would have gone, why did you wait for me?”, his friend who was a man of his word answered “I promised I would wait for you. If I make a promise, I keep it unless I die”. As you can see, words are not like money. You can change your money but not your words.


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