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The Most Naturally Beautiful Place in the East of England: Norfolk


As everywhere is filled with canals in England no place is further than 70 miles from sea. Now let’s take a look at some of the top things and attractions about Norfolk. It’s hard not to look at it if you are interested. It is not only the history that is protected in this island for centuries. Also an incredible wild life was protected in these coasts for hundreds of years. The most famous animals of the northern seas, seals are an example. You will meet the sun’s first lights in Norfolk. Perhaps you’ve really missed being up all night on the beach. It’s peaceful and quiet.

The gray seals are the greatest mammals of the Britannia waters, and half of the gray seal population of the world lives in Britannia coasts. The habitat of the world’s biggest gray seal colony. You may see seals in here most of the year. But gray seals come here in November to nest. First, females step on the coast. Then come the males and a race against time to get a proper place near a female begins.

Gray Seals
The grey seals is found on both shores of the north Atlantic ocean.

Gray seals are also known as Atlantic seals. Their bigger size helps you to distinguish the specie from others. The males may grow up to 3 meters in length and they can weigh up to 300 kilos. Female seals give birth once a year and they feed their cubs during the three weeks when their milk’s fat ratio is at its highest. Every year, only the half of their cubs born in there manages to stay alive and return here as an adult. Females would mate again right after they give birth and return here next year to breed.

The color of the fur of the new born seals is yellowish and it’s not waterproof. That’s why seals give birth in land, raise their cubs here and educate them against the nature. Therefore as you’ve guessed, it’s as important as the land itself. That’s what it’s really about. Mother seals may live up to 35 years and dive 70 meters deep waters. These special animals of the northern seas prefer Norfolk shores because this is a place just as they are looking for. It has a flat coast, nice sand and small water ponds.

Atlantic seals

As the sun sets over this incredible life form, you will finish the day in the Atlantic waters.

The sun sets over


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