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The Multi Cultural Structure of London


The canals of London are famous and they shelter different lives, as it is in Camden Town. Here, between the skyscrapers, you don’t see artificial canals but real ones that flow through the history for centuries. They give live to England’s fashion and art center. Camden Town is a real source of inspiration for an artist. This is a place sheltering many cultures a multicolored place like a museum. It has street shows, the world cuisine, vintage products but most of all this is the right address where you can find costumes and accessories for your theatrical plays.

Camden Town is a place where Amy Winehouse was living once or a place where you can encounter Madonna in a cafe; we may say that Camden Town is the heart of the art and fashion. Camden Town without a doubt, one of London’s famous regions. Its streets ready for festival at any time, flea markets, world cuisine, countless street sellers, identified with the world art and subject to dozen songs, a neighborhood where you can find anything.

There is a way to discover the world without actually touring it: spending a day in Camden Town. Because it is a meeting point of hundreds of cultures from all over the world. And you shouldn’t forget that it is the popular spot of tourist and antithetic people. The multi cultural structure of London helps artists a lot, of course. Meanwhile Turks are present in every aspect of life in London. We may took the place as the Istanbul of Europe. Yes, the Istanbul of Europe because first the Turks come to the mind when you say food in England.

Camden Town Subway
Camden Town Underground Station

Dalston, London
The Turks, they don’t address to a specific section of the society. That means from Asians to Turks, from Southern Americans to English, from Italian to Spanish, from Polish to Swedish, we may say that their cuisine charms every taste. With London’s art life moving towards it, the neighborhood became popular in recent years and turned into a little Istanbul. You can find every single Turkish products and food in here. We may say that Turks are serving the world in this region covered with kebab smells.


We can even say countless, like Brad Pitt, finally for example. Ron Atkinson and Jamie Oliver. It’s a popular place for many famous people. They like the food the taste. From Brad Pitt to London’s mayor Boris Johnson many famous people visited the place and even the famous English chef Jamie Oliver shot a program in this worldly known kebab restaurant.

Close up of grilled kebab while cooking

There’s one quote from a cook:
Ron Atkinson is one of the richest men of England and he waited 10-15 minutes line to eat here that day. Even the mayor Boris sat with 6 people in a table of 4. What was Jamie Oliver doing in here? One day he showed up with his 6 chefs and they ate. Shot a program. Then he came with his family with his friends. So he knows about the good food. What can I say? This is a family restaurant. A father and son business since 1990. One day the editor of New York Times entered the place to eat by coincidence and from that day on we’re popular. It has been 25 years and we may say that cooking kebab is our job.

In London
A cook who has lived in London

Dalston, the meeting place of hundreds of different cultures is popular with its social life as well as its Turkish restaurants. In London, it is very common to encounter with famous people in everywhere. Even in a cemetery; Highgate, London. A place where the most famous horror movies were shot and a place where two century old history exposes all its glamour: The famous Highgate Cemetery. This is a famous cemetery because many known artist, politician, historian and scientist who made their mark in English history lie here. As Karl Marx, the famous philosopher whose name is written in glory in English history.

Karl Marx
The tomb of Karl Marx stands in the Eastern cemetery of Highgate Cemetery, Northern London, England.

Despite being born two centuries ago, you can still see candles burning on his grave every day. The history is protected and continued living in every corner of England in such way. One of the most beautiful examples of this is the famous Cambridge Town located one hour away from London.

In Cambridge, the streets that hide decades of history are filled with stories that complied. The town of Universities that put their mark in world’s science history. As we saw in London, here too canals flow inside of a quite different life. Famous scientists like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Clerk Maxwell are grown up in these streets and left their mark in human history. The Cambridge University was found in 1209. Guided the science history with the students it educated it’s the fourth oldest university of the world.


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