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The Role And Importance of Mathematics


Some people have considerably greater interest in mathematics than literature, and some people have considerably greater interest in literature than mathematics. Anyway this is the matter of taste, of course. Today, we know add-subtract and we know how to count money. That’s actually as simple as that mathematically. However, isn’t this maths just enough? No, it’s not enough. We need more knowledge about what these mathematics can actually do. So let’s take a simple example.

What do you understand when we say complex numbers? Mathematics will not feed you and you cannot eat mathematics. But we can show you the ways to survive and put food on the table is the power mathematics has. An Egyptian businessman, an American broker, an Italian designer, a German engineer, a British programmer, a Spanish historian, a Turkish cook, or an Indian coder gathered around a table may solve the same problem using the same numbers and they will all reach the same result. Now, let’s see what this is all about.

So mathematics does not discriminate race, language, color and religion occupation. For instance, you can define a leaf by using the triangle and interior angles formula which is 180 degrees as you know. Yeah. While you are defining a leaf, you can use mathematics. So where did this mathematics come from? Why did we need it? Well, we have always been trying to understand and explain the meaning of ourselves, the nature, the world and the universe.


In order to symbolize the things we already know or the things we know nothing about and explain the meaning by symbolizing, we had built a common language in time. We call this common language, mathematics. For example, if we tell you “two multiplied by two, four”, probably you cannot understand that if you can’t speak English. However, if we tell you “2 + 2 = 4”, then you can more easily understand what we’re trying to say is.

Indeed, that was the mathematics of metaphor. At least we can say that. You can describe a leaf, a smell by separating its molecules. The teachers can offer you this talent only for 4-5 hours a week. It is in your power to use it right now or not. Anyway. The level of motivation to learn mathematics is an important determinant of student achievement in school. Doing mathematics is important but so is understanding mathematics itself. A simple calculation example is provided below.

How do you measure the diameter of a football with a ruler? Well, we put a mark on the ball. We put the ball on a scale leaving the mark on top of the zero point. And roll the ball. Once the mark gets on the scale again we get the peripheral of the ball. We can find the diameter of it. You see how easy it is, but can we say the essence of mathematics is liberty? Sometimes, mathematics is like an ocean wave and that’s what makes mathematics interesting. And also, proof is what gives mathematics its strength.


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