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The Short History of Aizanoi and Marvellous Temple of Zeus


It’s quite difficult to find a place on Earth where human impact does not reach. Especially in all areas of geography. The earth that we are living on is the reflection of a cultural accumulation of thousands of years. The modern world is formed on the geographies in its full meaning. What impresses us the most as a human is the pieces that composes this accumulation. The small steps that provide the formation of the conceptions which become ordinary for everybody. Every piece of our daily life actually little time machines that each of them hosts incredible stories. This post will be a tour in the stories that have brought us today. We will witness how are the conceptions we explained in every chapter improved together as interactively and where they carried us, where it takes us. Then let’s go have a look at the temple of Zeus!

The Temple of Zeus

This is one of the places where we started the post: Aizanoi. What brings us here again is also the crown of this antique city. Marvellous Temple of Zeus. There is an occasion that archaeologists frequently come across with. It is the amazement of the people who see this kind of structures regarding how they were built. It is the impossibility of reaching these heights in the ages that there were no construction equipment and lifting cranes we know. But what this post fundamentally trying to explain is actually no wind.

On one hand this case is such a common idea. It is even possible to find people who hoes much further to believe in there are the effect of extra-terrestrial beings in building these most impressive structures of the world. However you see easily how this is such a funny idea when you start to link past and the future clearly and distinctly. So we have prepared this post to be able to show these connections.

Ancient Greek City

The first thing we must say is perhaps this: there were no difference between the people who begun establish that first settlements 10-12 thousand years before today and us in terms of nervous system or brain capacity. They were able to think and act as us just the same. However certainly there must be a difference between. A special thing that enables our today’s living to be much more different than theirs. What we have lived and seen in the process that have passed. So our experiences and learnings. Every generation that came to earth has grown by directly possessing the accumulation of prior generations and added new things to it as well. Therefore this is the exact fundamental difference that composes our today’s civilization. And similarly this temple too..

Temple of Zeus

To build such a temple first of all you need a clean surface. This is to say first you clear up the area. Following this the most important factor required to be built. Foundations of the construction. This should be as strong as to be based on. After this step you add one the each column and block stone that you processed by hand. So ideas also improve this way. Step by step, one on the top of the other. In the same way technology too. So what we wanted to say, there cannot be a roof without these columns or it is not possible to support these columns without a foundation.

The each column and block

On the other hand, each piece of it is made by different masters. Stone masters dress blocks and sculptors to these dressing for days. This is to say if everything will be accomplished one after the other and step by step by the specialists who become professionals in their work, it is not such a hard work to build this kind of construction. This is also what we have tried to do through these posts. Trying to explain how the fundamental conceptions that have carried us today accumulated step by step, one on top of the other, and how they improve inside of each other.


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