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The Spiritual Significance of Frequency


After years you see that the life it has value and the life, it is giving you some taste that you never have it when you’re young. It is matter of settling. If you are able to be patient to be settled, then you will enjoy the rest of your life. You will enjoy your young age, you will enjoy your mid age and you will enjoy your old age. This is some kind of beginning but this is not our main subject. If you are asking for spirituality, you go for the spiritual teaching.

If you’re asking for dancing, you go for dancing school or dancing teacher. If you’re asking for singing, you go for singing school or singing teacher. But if you’re asking for making money, you go for trade school. This is being known. It is important to put yourself in the scale which direction you want to go. Normally the spirituality, it is in everything. It’s like air. Without oxygen you cannot live. So if we are even going for dancing school, we wanted to have the spiritual of that dancing. If we want to go for singing school, also we’re asking for spiritual singing to be giving the message.

Because everything is being done by the spiritual things. Today we have, everybody has the cell phone. And you say “How this cell phone is speaking?” It’s having the, we don’t know what they call it, this frequency. They call the frequency. It is going through the frequency. And frequency, it’s going for each person. But mainly you have in your hand the cell phone. But you can speak with United Kingdom, you can speak with United States, you can speak with Australia, you can speak with Canada, you can speak with India, or you can speak anywhere. It is important that you catch the frequency.

Our main job, it is to make you that there is frequency existing, even you cannot see it. Because the spirituality is a frequency everywhere. That’s why we are people asking for spirituality. The spirituality is such a thing that when you are using it, you don’t have to invent it. But you can use it. Today we have so many instruments in our hands being invented by somebody else. But the people, they still believe in that frequency, it is available.

Now they have new fashion things. They say “We are only believing the things we can see.” Well, In olden days, the red Indians they were making communication with the smoke. You want to go for smoke? Then just make your communication with the smoke? Anyway. You are now in technology, technology age. Today anybody is connected. Everybody is connected. Everybody is connected. Because you are using the technology. You’re believing in today technology and you are not believing in heavenly technology.

Maybe we have different belief, or we have different things, this is not the issue. The issue here is, let’s say somebody, he find some instrument and it’s very useful. What is the hard to not use that one? It’s not. You have to use it. This is reality. And this is important to understand that how to treat your coming generation. Because this will not stop here. It will go on and on and on. That’s why the spirituality is very important. The spirituality allowing you to touch everywhere, allowing you to see everything. Because you are in the safe boat. You know, the safe boat is important.

This is very important things in our social life. Because this social life is going on and on. Today people, they don’t know this and they say “Don’t touch this”. Well, just touch it. This is like you are touching dirt. For example. “What you do? You cut your hand? You go, you have soap, you have perfume”. Then even the smell of the dirt go from your hand. But to say “No, no, no. It’s not. Chop it off”. Why? It’s touched the dirt. Then if you don’t know your enemy, how you will treat with it? If it’s good for you, you know it. If it’s bad for you, also you know it.

Then you teach, then you say. Then you say “If you touch it…”, it doesn’t have to chop off your hand. It’s not like this. The spirituality, that’s why, it was important all the time, the frequency. Frequency of spirituality. As a consequence, it will be useful for our inner peace. But we are missing our inner peace. Because then also the spiritual, spirituality have this advantage.


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