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The Spiritual Significance of Poverty And Wealth


If you are trying your best for yourself, then it will be accepted. But it will be accepted for yourself. There is the difference between the good side of it and the bad side of it. We have to understand why we are following the spirituality. So many people say “This spirituality is good like this. It’s good like this, it’s bad like this.” So there’re so many comments about the spirituality. And in the main subject of the spirituality, the spirituality is good. When you look for the spirituality, it is good. Why it’s good? Because first it gives you the satisfaction that everybody asking for satisfaction. Now in this world we have 7 billion people. And imagine how many of them, they have this satisfaction in their chest, or in their heart. Very small, minority.

Because most of them, they’ve been going as a classic style of life. Why we call it classic? Because they’re born, teenage, young age, mid-age and old age, and bye-bye! So what he has done? Let’s go for average one. He study school, he study high school and he work. Then continue his life working and end up die. So that’s he has average life like not comfortable and not very poor, mid one. It’s ok. We have another style that they’re born very poor, they’re grown up very poor. They study, they don’t study, very poor. Then they work very hard, very hard and they remain poor. And they end up also same, finishing their life. This is another style.

Worried to be in his world. And there is another style that is above the mid-class. They’re born above the mid-class, they’ve been educated high education. Some of them can be rich, higher stage. Some of them, they continue as also finishing will be ended in the same line. And we have the extreme rich. They’re born rich, have problem with richness. They don’t know what to do with the money. Because everybody thinks if you are very rich, you are comfortable. But no, you are wrong. Because when you are very rich, you have miserable life. Because you are afraid to lose what you’ve been gaining. That’s why they have extreme ideas about putting money there. This is like they will live forever.

So if something happens, they have this place to save their money, they have this place to. And they’ve been, so many people, they’ve been taking their money right and left. And this is also worried, cannot sleep like poor man, he put his head in the pillow sleeping quickly. But the rich man, will take him a few hours to sleep but he cannot rest. The body will say “Stop. Enough thinking and let me sleep”. And then he faints. This is… it is, to have a lot of money, it is kind of cursing also. For all the eyes looking at you “You have a lot of money. I wish I have half of it. I wish I have 10% of it. I wish I have 1% of it.” People thinking, and you cannot make people to not think like this.

They are thinking and envy comes, “Oh, look at this. He is treated like VIP.” It is big cursing. It is not easy to carry this. Anyhow, same end. So all these four categories or five categories, will have no satisfaction in their hearts because no spirituality. They are going classic; classic living and classic life. When you have classic life, everything it will hurt you. Everything. You gain money, it hurts you. You lose money, it hurts you. Somebody telling you something, it hurts you. Somebody is gossiping on you, it hurts you. Somebody is doing this, it hurts you. This is because there is no the shell of spirituality to put all this nonsense out of you.

It’s like coming, they say the Indian ocean and the big ocean, they have border. Not this one mix with this one. And not this one mix with this one. Huge ocean. When you look, it’s water. But when you go deeper, there is a line, a border between them. The fish this side is different. The fish this side is different. The plant this side is different. The plant in this side is different. Everything is different. Even the water temperature, this one is lower, this one higher. Therefore the spirituality exactly same. This, the shell that prohibit all this nonsense to come on you that the spirituality having border of this one.

That is why the satisfaction in our life, this is very important. If we are not satisfied, that means we have miserable life. That means we have not completed our life. We are going for a classic life. We are living in the world that we walk. But not only what we see in what we walk. There’s other things that it comes to us from the air, from the climate, from the evil eye, from the looking, from the vision, or from so many things. It is really crowded. The way that we are walking, it is not empty. Just we are walking in a desert. No, we are walking in very crowded atmosphere and we never know.


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