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The Surprising Differences Between Village Life And City Life


If you don’t mind we would like to ask a few question. Why are all the hospitals located in the big cities? You think it’s because people live in the big cities? The technology is there, all the modern equipment is there. Should the hospitals be located here instead of the big cities? Well, It has nothing to do with that. All the hospitals are located in the big cities because the root cause for all the diseases is the big city itself. Anxiety, stress, noise, pollution, malnutrition, traffic, traffic accidents. And look at any village. The villagers produce all of their food. It’s daily, natural, fresh and healthy. There is no traffic, so there are no traffic accidents. One health center is more than enough for them. Even our hospital is called “the health center”. Around there, they live healthy and they die healthy.

Why people become overweight and today why is obesity getting worse? As a result of this, why are people dieting? Let’s see the difference. Because there is no such thing as dieting in nature. Have you ever seen a lion on a diet? You haven’t. Because a lion doesn’t go on a diet. If it’s hungry, it hunts and eats. If it’s full, it doesn’t eat. Humans are the only creatures going after food when they are full. So, doesn’t the lion have high cholesterol? No, it can’t have. Because the lion doesn’t have a driver or a car like you do it gets around by running.

It’s easy to understand the differences between city and village. Another example of a simple, cities are so crowded. The avenues are crowded. The streets are crowded. The cafes are crowded. The shuttles and the buses are crowded. Everywhere is packed. There is no space left for people in the city. You’re walking on the street and someone bumps into you. You decide to sit down somewhere and your shoulder hits someone else’s shoulder.

But look at a variety of village, you will see there is enough space for everyone. You feel peaceful just by looking. You feel happy when you walk. And don’t worry, you can step on the grass. You are allowed to step on the grass here. It is prohibited in the city. You have to be Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to be allowed to step on the grass in the city. In the city they put up “don’t step on the grass” signs. And they pay those players millions of Euros to step on the grass.

TV taught people to go to sleep late. The TV is never turned off anymore and people never sleep anymore. But not sleeping at night is against nature. Humans were not created to be nocturnal. If they were, the creator would have put headlights somewhere on them. Do you have headlights anywhere? Okay, but when are you supposed to go to sleep? Of course, when you feel sleepy. You don’t need to look at your watch for that. You sleep when you feel sleepy. And when you don’t feel sleepy anymore, your body will wake you up anyway. You don’t need to plan for these things. To be woken up is the greatest cruelty to humans.

From our point of view, those alarms that are supposed to wake you up are the greatest evil to befall mankind after nuclear weapons. The modern man has become the slave of the watch he wears on his wrist. That watch determines everything. There is no such thing as retirement in nature. Retirement is something made up by the modern people. Have you ever seen a bird who says “I’m retired now, I won’t fly anymore”? Perhaps you think that retirement is a nice thing, It’s also a necessity. You’re really worn out, you lived too fast and you’re too tired.

But sure that was wrong. You must live your life slowly. What’s your hurry? Don’t forget that the creature with the longest lifespan is also the slowest creature on Earth: the tortoise. For instance, cowpat is a miracle. But the modern world has coded it as disgusting. Whereas cowpat is fertility. It’s the life of Mother Earth. Could we have those tomatoes, those oranges, these lemons without cowpat? The natural system is such a miracle that if cows doesn’t this, you can’t eat tomatoes over there.


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