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Things And the First Steps We Made Towards Out of the World


It is a planet that we shape with our preferences out inside of it. However when you look from outside everything is so quiet and calm. Everybody you love and know, heard of the name, alive and death are on it. Whole of our joy and grief, thousands of religion, ideology and economy doctrine that refute each other; every hunter and gatherer that had lived through history of humanity, every hero and coward, every founder and destroyer of civilization, every king and farmer, every couple in love, every mother and father, child full of hope, inventor, explorer, judge of conduct, degenerate politician, every superstar, every great leader, every saint and sinner are on it.

In that speck of dust that hangs on daylight beam. Across the eternity of the universe the world is such a small stage. Think about all the blood rivers that run by whole of the generals and empires, they were the master of a speck of dust for an instance by the victory they had. Think of the never-ending tortures that the ones sitting on a corner of that speck had by the others coming from another corner of the speck and alike, how much they fall into error, how been they were to kill each other, they hated each other so much.

The earth

This words belongs to Carl Sagan. They are the impressive words that are written on a photograph of the world taken from 3,7 billion miles distance. A pale blue dot. This is the outermost place that we reached until that instance and one of the rare moments that we could look at ourselves from outside. It tries to explain how the issues we have in the world are trivial in actually when we think of the universe.

But in fact, there is one more thing. One way or another, with good and bad what we have done in thousands of years process from now on begun to carry us out of the world and depths of space. And it is possible to see the parts of the accumulation that we created in that stories in every detail. This is what enables the first steps we made towards out of the world, Saturn V rocket.

Saturn 5 Rocket
Saturn 5 rocket before launch…

It is almost in the weight of 3 thousands tons and in the height of 110 meter. It is even quite difficult to imagine that such a big and heavy thing could fly. However in the years which this rocket was used it was the peak point of our control on fire and metals. A monster that consumes 13 tons of fuel in a second. Saturn 5 rockets are still in the position of being the only instrument that transported human out of the world orbit although half a century’ passed since.

But the story of how they were made is also interesting as much as its space travel. Due to the person who provides the production of the rockets. Verner Von Braun. This man was the number one rocket researcher in Nazi Germany only 30 years before this work. To produce a controlled power to save the astronauts from the gravity effect of the world was for the first time possible when Braun war technologies transferred to space works.

The first person on the Moon
Neil Armstrong on the Moon on July 21, 1969

This is how the mankind set a foot on the moon. And the instruments that were used there not quite different from the materials any of us use. But the peak we reached in space technology was Curiosity, its journey that started in 2011, articulates the last point we came to from its flung until its works in Mars.


It should not go to Mars atmosphere and burn by Sun per hour speed. And it should not hit the ground and smashed by that speed. It cannot use its rockets and directly land on the surface, because the dust it would raise could cover solar panels and leave it with no energy. This is an event that we only see its accomplishment from such million miles distance and by 7 minutes delay. But everything went as it was planned and Curiosity has continued to work since that instance.

Curiosity landing on Mars

Curiosity is actually the last point for us that communication and writing came to. What enables us to be aware of what it does is not different from communication systems we use in the world today. Just as television and radio broadcasts we can also detect the radio waves it sends. It’s the place where the need of communication that started by pigeons and horses brought us. Maybe what is even more important it is how Curiosity is able to work by itself, if we have not noted what we have learned for thousands of years Curiosity’s movement would not be possible today.

Curiosity has landed

However as you can see in the photo below, a coded language in its electronic circuits enables it to make its own decisions. Is it not very familiar? But when we say language and writing another vehicle that float in the depth of the space should be expressed…

Coded language

In the next post, we will explain the remaining details.


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