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Tongue Cannot Hold What is Coming From Heart


You are welcome to our humble home, tell us know who are you? What do you do, where are you coming from, where are you going to, and where are you now? Of course it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do. Because this is not a place for informing, but for virtue. Unless you wash those eyes with tears, we don’t know who rules but the truth belongs to everyone. He is like this, she is like that, can a person who sees with love say these malicious words, or gossips? Thorns will wound the eyes of the one who sees without love, he becomes blind and when someone becomes blind neither ointments nor doctors can help. We all know that all creatures are defective.

There is nobody that is perfect. That is flawless. Manners we learned from our masters, requires to cover faults, not to reveal them. We’re not used to giving speeches. In short, we don’t always deal with nice issues. Time comes, it is our duty to deal with this kind of bothersome things. We hope there comes a day that you will be responsible for others, then we may agree. Don’t forget, if the column that keeps a house standing breaks down, roof will collapse onto the household.

Does one make mistakes? Of course he does. He does because he does not know, he does even if he knows. He forgets then he does mistakes. You beat someone, you get beaten you curse someone, you are cursed at, you run away from trouble, you run towards trouble. It differs if trouble finds you, or you find the trouble. If you wish, time comes he uses the worst of us as a handle for the most auspicious event.

Meanwhile, have we ever told you about one of Baghdad’s most famous thieves Cuha’s story? Cuha was sleeping at shade of a date tree to start his work in evening. Then someone called to him. “Look Cuha, look here, look all these jewels, jewelries pass by in a tray”. Cuha does nothing. He says he doesn’t care. The other one then says, “But they are going to your home”. He again does nothing. He says, “Okay, but why do you care?”

All right. We don’t listen to your words but to your silence. Silence is a mood. There are different kinds of silence like there are different kinds of words. One is not what he says but what he is silent towards. It seems mood says everything. A person says things that reflect his own inner world. Even though different letters come out from his mouth and unite in different orders to produce words meaning is what is real. Through meaning we express ourselves to another. Words can say anything but a person’s mood does not require translation.

There is no creature that does not understand the language of mood. Even animals bark to those who don’t like them. You know what they say: If words are silver, silence is golden. But why? Good saying, we agree, but what does it mean? What kind of a thing is silence so that it is golden. Is it possible that silence reveals more secrets?

Does it tell more than words? Word’s last stop is tongue. Then what is its first stop? Like water surface from a fountain there must be a place that words surface, too. That place is silence. Silence is a home to words, it is their source. That is why we don’t listen to your words but to your mood. What is happening, what happened? A person who believes everything he hears does not need his mind his tongue will be enough for him.

Now, don’t think words have no importance because we have said those. Exact opposite is possible, a person may be his words. We are talking about the truth, which will be revealed sooner or later. We don’t mean to underestimate the power of words. Words are powerful of course. They are so powerful that they can make you believe in lies, and we cannot make you believe in truth…


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