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What is Wind And How it Forms?


A natural phenomenon which is freshening when it is gentle, dangerous when it gets stronger. By its simplest definition, a wind is the difference is pressure caused by two masses of air running into each other. But, how? As we all know, there’s only one energy source that both heats and lights up the world; the sun. The sun heats up and cools down the world as it rises and sets. Exposed to a constant heating and cooling process, the otherwise stable masses of air become air currents. When air mass rises due to heating, it causes low pressure.

As the air mass that rose reaches the upper levels of atmosphere, it cools down, becomes heavy with rain, and it rains. On the other hand, the air mass that sank becomes warmer, and finally evaporates, that is, tries to rise. This is when the wind occurs. High pressure area tends to go down, whereas low pressure area tries to go up. In the end, this encountering, that is, the air moving from high pressure to low pressure causes the wind to blow.

We’d better go into detail about the movement of high and low pressure areas. In high pressure area, the descending air mass tends to spread around. Meanwhile, low pressure area tries to rise, creating some air pockets. And these pockets are exactly where high pressure air fills. As a result of this movement, winds of different speeds and characteristics form. The winds are light when pressure difference is small whereas as fierce as a storm when pressure difference is big. When pressure difference disappears, the movement is complete.

Winds have the power of shaping landforms, as well as developing ocean currents and waves. In deserts, landscape keeps changing because of winds. And it is the winds that disperse plant spores around, helping fertilize plants. New generation of plants depends on winds’ dispersing function. Humans began to make use of the power of the wind with sailing ships. It was the Egyptians who invented the first sailboat in 2400’s B.C. Another machine invented to make use of wind power is windmill. Since times immemorial, windmills were used to grind wheat and pump water.

Today, wind power is used rather for generating electricity. Wind turbines don’t emit harmful gasses while producing energy. This is why wind energy is a clean energy. Nowadays, the noises produced by turning blades of turbines are minimized also. Briefly, the wind both orders the nature and helps mankind to proceed energy. Winds; A natural phenomenon which is vital for continuation of life.


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