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Why Did the US Bomb Syria?


Do you really believe the US bombed Syria to save thousands of Syrian lives? Was the United States right to use the bombs? What do you see here? Did they kill millions of people because they needed some space for the peace they will bring? Just let us tell you. We see a dagger in the heart of the Middle East. The colonist powers offer the borders as the inevitable end they offer people borders as an opportunity. Now we are asking how exactly destroying counties is a chance? They will never bring the peace to the region. Just have a look at that Syria is a mess. Hundreds of people are dead, there are 12 million refugees, lost generations and lost future…

Did you forget the recent past of these lands? Head of State of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, invaded Koweit with the encouragement and indulgence of the United States of America. And the US turned this invasion into an opportunity and it attacked Iraq the took 75% of the oil in Koweit. Saddam was helpless because all of his commanders were taken hold by an American organization which looked like a religious association. They could either proved their claim of a nuclear weapon or brought the promised democracy to Iraq. But 1,5 million civilian died. As we can see, everything they said was lie, but every man who died was real.

Deir ez-Zor
Deir ez-Zor. The largest city in eastern Syria and under attack.

All the lies you have heard today, reminded us an old story. You must all know the story of the wolf and the lamb. But let us tell you that one again. Some of you may not know about it. The wolf and the lamb have water from the same river. The wolf is up the river and the lamb is down of the river. The wolf says, “Don’t muddy the water or I will eat you”. The lamb says, “How can this happen, you are up there and I am down there. I can’t muddy the water you are drinking”. The wolf answers, “You did that last year and then you ran away from me”. The lamb says, “But I am the lamb of this year”. The wolf says “It does not matter, I will eat you anyway”.

You probably noticed the peace and democracy promises are like the lies of the wolf. The main purpose is to have these lands. Today, we all have a point to be worried. But you should see big and powerful states told the world that they were going to bring peace to the Middle East but people there who needed democracy are now dead. They invaded these lands by pretending democracy and so we witnessed even worse massacres dear landowners.

When the day comes, the blood will come to an end on this geography. The terror will be just a bad memory on these lands. Yeah we know that these are very good dreams we have, but if we unite, the Middle East or the whole world will turn into a heaven. But the bombs which is offered for peace and unity, will it be the remedy? There has been times were against each other during years of wars, massacres and all other evils.

This is union time now. This is time to side together after determining the friends and enemies. A peaceful political and trusted economical struggle that we are in need of any kind of support. At least this is what we think for and we are not after a fame.


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