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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed of Being Unemployed


We came here to talk business and of course everyone should mind his own business. However, more than 100 million people were unemployed in the world in 2010-11 and today unemployment rises to more than 300-400 million or moreover. We can’t explain what we saw here today with any parameter of the current world. Here’s why you should never feel ashamed of being unemployed. People who are living with depression, being unemployed doesn’t look good for them.

Anyway let’s start to speak unemployment problem. In today’s world, there are different circumstances now. Most people have to suffer in traffic every day to get to work. How would you answer if someone asked you why do you work, stay home for a day? The answer to the question, you will probably think that was impossible. Being unemployed and spending your days at home was your worst nightmare. The worst thing is when an opportunity shows itself when you don’t need it anymore. But, don’t worry. Because being unemployed does not mean the end of world, and it is never too late to mend.

Sometimes situations may change according to the circumstances of course. Then first, make your heart your compass and make sure about your guide. If you really think and believe you are on the right way, do not hesitate for even a second. No one is laid on a burden on that he can’t carry. You know ants van carry carry a lot more than their own weight. So the God Almighty never gives a man more than he can carry, but once your name is ant you know. No one wants to be unhappy during this journey called life.

The happiness is not in an organ of people, it’s in main self in the deepest place. You should find out the secret of the happiness and try to make yourself happy instead of waiting for it. Perhaps, what will you with the happiness after all these things, or you don’t want to be happy anyway, or you don’t want to be alive either. But don’t forget, we have to live, we have to stay alive until the lifetime that was given to us is completed. Either an happy person or not.

It might be interesting but perhaps you are not a man who takes his steps by thinking about the future. Who knows, you prefer making use of the instant opportunities or you only work with cash and in comparison with companies, you have a more simple style of trade. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You can do whatever you believe and in the way you believe. As well as you know, expensive tastes depend on money. We never underestimate the power of money. Money is just like oil. It can open up any door easily.

But we know well from experience, that money is only equal to power if you understand it. When it is the trade of world, there is gaining as well as losing in trade. The trader can lose, or he can gain and make profit as well. We can see this in world now that some men, in one day they can say “whole word is mine” houses, yachts, cars, banks and everything in their hand. And two-three days later, you see that he went bankrupt and fled the country. Therefore you should know how to gain ground after a loss. People got used to make money from the easy way.

For instance, underground and natural resources has always whetted the appetites of the strongest people in the world and some people used this as an advantage to get even a lot more stronger. Yesterday passed, the day is today. We don’t know what tomorrow is. Don’t you have any dreams? Perhaps we had never dreamed but we did not lose our hope. Our determination, our ambition and our talent.

Most importantly, we did not lose our self-confidence. You should reel under the burden of what you can bear, but losing is good sometimes. It makes you a different person. Stronger. More ambitious and more confident. As a result, sometimes losing hope is the beginning of life. Then light up the fire in your eyes. Let everyone see the flames in your eyes.


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