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Imagine theatre stage. There is some stage, it’s called one man show. He comes first like young man, then he comes like old man. Then he comes like woman, then comes like child, comes same person. He puts makeup, coming quickly, making his role and going. But the world is not like this. The world is big theater. Therefore, being together is not enough. To collaborate, we need a common sense.

The people of the US

A Message of Solidarity To the American People

O American people, if you are one of those people, let us tell you a story and so let's get started. One day, someone...
At the cotton fields all day long

They Are Just People Without A Decent Place to Live

Below are some questions and answers about placeless people. Then, let's see what they have to say. "We move a lot, we are nomads, that's...
Ephesus Archaic City

The Ancient Greek City of Ephesus

In fact, is it worthy of going? Yes, why not? Let's look first. Ephesus Archaic City or the ancient Greek city of Ephesus located...
Strawberries in Australia

Needles Have Been Discovered in Strawberries in Australia

As well as you know, strawberries have been part of life and they're the most popular fruit in the world. Today, one may say...
Resources in Africa

Energy And Natural Resources of Africa

In the world war II not the states but the companies have fought. For example, the Ottoman Empire was the last big state that...
The portrait of sitting bull

Observations on the History of the Native Americans

It's the state of North Dakota, in the United States of America. The bikers who have gathered in Fort Yates on this July morning...
Old City of Acre

The Short History and Wonder of the Old City of Acre

Napoléon Bonaparte had this city under siege for two months in the spring of 1789. Ahmad Pasha al-Jazzar defended the city successfully. Acre, is...
The Fall of Constantinople 29 May 1453

Mehmed the Conqueror, the Man Who Changed the Destiny of Europe

The year 1444 was a long one. And many events, beyond to be realized in one year in the Ottoman Empire, were fit into...
Al Hamra Fortress Palace

One of the Most Influential Civilizations of Europe: Andalusia

Guitar, dance, song. That is flamenco. Churches with its colossal statues and towers. Bullfight man's struggle with power aesthetically. The Mediterranean with blue water....

Interesting And Depressing Facts About Yemen

Yemen, although called Arabia Felix, "Lucky Arabia" by the Romans and Al-Yemen Al-Said, "Happy Yemen" by the Arabs, the most unlucky, maybe the harshest...

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