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At the cotton fields all day long

They Are Just People Without A Decent Place to Live

Below are some questions and answers about placeless people. Then, let's see what they have to say. "We move a lot, we are nomads, that's...
Old City of Acre

The Short History and Wonder of the Old City of Acre

Napoléon Bonaparte had this city under siege for two months in the spring of 1789. Ahmad Pasha al-Jazzar defended the city successfully. Acre, is...

Interesting And Depressing Facts About Yemen

Yemen, although called Arabia Felix, "Lucky Arabia" by the Romans and Al-Yemen Al-Said, "Happy Yemen" by the Arabs, the most unlucky, maybe the harshest...
The Syrian Civil War

The Saddest Facts About the Syrian Civil War You Probably Didn’t Know

It is never easy to leave homeland. Leaving roots and getting dragged towards obscurity is never easy. But the real hardship is to keep...
Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Perhaps You Will Learn Some Things You Didn’t Know About Refugees And Asylum Seekers

Refugees, migrants or asylum seekers, whatever you call them. Because it doesn't matter whoever they are. They're people who ran away from the war...
Syrian Civil War

Why Did the US Bomb Syria?

Do you really believe the US bombed Syria to save thousands of Syrian lives? Was the United States right to use the bombs? What...

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